Sportsman Channel’s “Apex Predator” is a Disguised Surprise

Thursday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

NEW BERLIN, WI (Ammoland.Com) – George Catlin, a famed American painter, inspires Remi Warren, host of Sportsman Channel’s original series Apex Predator, to embark on a heart-pounding bowhunt for buffalo in Sonora, Mexico – disguised as a coyote. He must take on traits of the wild animal that will – hopefully – bring him one step closer to harvesting the largest wild game he has ever pursued.

Apex Predator airs Thursday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

Remi Warren of Apex Predator
Remi Warren of Apex Predator

A famous Catlin painting depicts hunters, dressed as wolves or coyotes, within feet of a herd of buffalo. For Warren, the work of art begs the question: Is the hunting technique – disguising oneself as a coyote – feasible in the wild? Taking advantage of the buffalo’s indifference to coyotes, Warren attempts to discover the answer in coyote garb on hands and knees with bow in hand. With little to protect him as he approaches a herd of wild buffalo, Warren hopes the painter’s depiction doesn’t lead him dangerously astray.

“I learned a larger lesson here. No matter the tactic you use, ancient or state-of-the art, there’s no escaping the gravity of the moment,” marveled Warren. “Every hunt gives me greater respect for the animals I’m pursuing. Regardless of the weapon in my hand, I’m in awe of these creatures and those who came before me,” marveled the host.

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