Suntrust Bank Closing Gun Shop Accounts, American Gun & Pawn Latest Victim ~ Video

By Matthew K. Burke

Suntrust Bank shocks American Gun & Pawn by closing accounts
Suntrust Bank shocks American Gun & Pawn by closing accounts
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Even after admission of wrong doing by FDIC, fall out from Operation Choke Point is still effecting law abiding gun shops. This time American Gun & Pawn in Brooksville, Florida.

While the Obama Regime can’t openly or legally take away Americans’ right to bear arms, through stealth tactics, using its willing accomplices in crony corporatism to put the squeeze on the supply chain to the Second Amendment, gun shops and gun manufacturers, or buying up all the ammo themselves, is their underhanded, “progressive” way to accomplish the same goal.

When American Gun & Pawn of Brooksville, Florida, received the following letter from SunTrust Bank, they were shocked and outraged:

As you can see, the letter from SunTrust Bank informs the gun shop that they will no longer be serving them (it’s a good thing they aren’t a pizzeria in Indiana!), and that they must quickly close all of their accounts, or the bullying bank will close them if the customer doesn’t by the deadline.

Now the bank isn’t honest enough to say in the letter the real reason that they’re using Nazi-like tactics, forcing the closure because their customer happens to be a gun shop, they use flowery and vague, politically-correct sophistry in one of the worst “Dear John” letters of all time.

American Gun & Pawn, after receiving the letter, wrote about it on their Facebook wall on March 27. They said that the bank told them they aren’t just picking on them, but are closing ALL accounts of ALL legal gun shops across the country:

“This is the craziest thing I have ever seen. This is how these people are coming after your guns. If they can do this to a legal business, what can they do to you?”

“When I called them, they said they are closing Gun stores accounts all over the country! We are a licensed and legal company! These big companies that infringe on our constitutional rights need to be held accountable!!”

If all banks follow their “Dear Leader” the way SunTrust Bank does, Obama won’t have to eliminate the Second Amendment, because there will be no place to buy guns and ammo. Oh wait that is the point.

Suntrust Bank Anti-Gun Letter to American Gun & Pawn
Suntrust Bank Anti-Gun Letter to American Gun & Pawn
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BOA, BOFA will not have such a policy.It is the American bank.

Kim McCoy

We need to continue to do ANYTHING that we can so our voices are not just pushed aside, & for them to think we will just go away!!! Keep on supporting anyway you can!!!

Anson E. Long

Guess I just won’t trust Suntrust.


I guess these banks will also shutdown accounts from the big defense contractors,
small machine shops the produce parts fro Boeing and Northrup Grumman too.

Time for a class action lawsuit against these banks and the FDIC.

But our Government will shortly allow banks to accept funds from pot stores. Imagine that.


When, I repeat, when, will the over reach of government stop? and the people wake up. Big businesses, the banks, rich glib politicians in Washington. Obama is on a subtle mission to one day find an excuse to declare martial law and rid honest law abiding citizens of there God given right to defend themselves. These hypocrites just don’t get it. I ponder that we put to much trust in Constitutions, in laws, and in courts. These are false hopes. Real liberties lie in the hearts of men and women, and when and if it dies there, no constitution, no… Read more »


I guess this site is monitored to guard against any opinions being brought up.


Quanisha Keel

What exactly is a Regulatory Exception Processing Specialist?

Sounds like a make work, quota based, equal opportunity, token, Michelle Obama, job to me.


I would advise anyone who is a gun owner. a sportsman, a hunter, to go directly to your local Suntrust Bank and withdraw all of your money. Then write a letter to the national office of the president of the Suntrust holding company, explaining why you did that. Then I would advise anyone who has an account in that bank even if you are NOT a gun owner or Sportsman or Hunter, to also go directly to the local branch and withdraw all your money before they go bankrupt, and the FDIC gives you pennies on the dollar for your… Read more »

A.D. Monday

F**k Suntrust.


My accounts at SunTrust will be closed in the am. How can you trust a Bank with these policies to protect your assets. I just hope that enough good people get this information to make a difference. The Goverment may be testing the public response using Suntrust to monitor if the Fed can spread this out to other larger banks. We the People are losing all control and the Fed is taking over everything. The bought and paid for Senate and House are so busy filling their pockets they are asleep at the wheel. GOD HELP US ALL.
Good Luck

John E Ritenour

Join a Credit Union. Better service, lower fees, and they have a fiduciary relationship with you. I belong to what I consider the best one of all – Navy Federal. Check out their website at I’m not a paid spokesman -just a satisfied customer!


OK …. enough …. my money goes to another place. Sorry suntrust


OK just move. There are plenty of banks that will take you money. They are a business and have the right to refuse to serve you. Heck, I was dropped by my insurance company after 10 years and I never filed a claim. They stated “We have decided as a business decision to no longer service your state.” Should I sue them over this?


@ Paul.

ONE BASIC PROBLEM. All the other Said Bank’s, have the same sort of policies…


The bank can’t operate without customers and their money. Pull your money and support an organization that will support your rights. A run on that bank corporation will send a clear message that the citizens will not tolerate this type of abuse. You may even impact the bank enough to send it into receivership, that will send a clear message to other banking institution as well. Put some of these banks out of business and this nonsense will stop. The NRA, GOA and Shooting Sports foundation and others, should endorse financial groups that support our rights and will not violate… Read more »


I wonder if this has anything to do with the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 and the FDIC Chairman’s “Choke Point” Testimony to the US. Congressional, US. House of Representative Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation on 24 March 2015.

Carl Stevenson

They will force bakers, photographers, etc. to serve gay weddings in violation of ther religious beliefs, but legal, honest, law-abiding gun-related businesses don’t have to be served by state and federally regulated, insured, and bailed out banks?
Claire Wolf’s “awkward stage” has come to an end.


Excellent points!! This tax payer’s money (gun shop owner) was used in the great bank bailout caused by bad lending laws forced upon banks by politicians who needed votes to get re-elected. Their money was also used to pay for welfare, Medicare, food stamps, and more. Yet they want to put hi out of business because he sells firearms, perfectly legal and a legally operated business. Shame on the politicians, and shame on the bankers who have no back-bone and fall in line with the Obama mandates!! So just who will be left to tax when Obama and his liberal… Read more »


Most all Credit Unions are pro 2A ! I hope everyone that has accounts at Suntrust close their accounts ASAP,and make sure you tell the SOB’s why ! I bet after 1000’s of people close their accounts they will re-evaluate their position on this. Then you can tell them to go to hell ! Sweet !


University of Wiconsin Credit Union,”Fire arms not allowed.” This posting following the armed hold up and hostage situation of a customer at the drive up window several years ago.

Jim Greaves

Shouldn’t Suntrust and other fascist banks like theirs DO AWAY with ARMED guards? We would not want them to be in a conflict of interest position. In the meantime, I suggest EVERYONE who has account(s) with Suntrust immediately withdraw every cent you have. Run on a bank is the surest way to get them to stop doing whatever corrupting actions they are doing.

Raymond Suarez

It’s about time someone stepped up to the plate. Terrific. My account stays with Sun Trust. Just as CVS stopped selling cigarettes. . Another good move. If you don’t like it then go to another banks.

Les Williamson

Mr. Suarez, I respect your opinion, but I see this as a much larger issue. That of Government overreach and undue influence on private institutions heavily regulated by the Government. Is there anything you enjoy doing in life which you would be upset about if the government or business corporations they influences stopped providing or prohibited that service or commodity? The right to keep and bear arms is not just a want or desire it is guaranteed by the Constitution of this Nation There is a reason we are a Republic. A Democracy is a flawed system. For example Two… Read more »


SunTrust–I regret (not really) to inform you that you’re services are no longer required and look for a more moral fiber an backbone and decency and one who is centered on capitalism, not politics..but since that have made politics an issue, I am compelled to treat them the same way.

EVERYONE OF CONSCIENCE who respects law and the Constitution, let us show them what it is to be CRUSHED and withdraw all monies: cash, CD’s investments, begin looking for another mortgage bank—let’s wipe them out (first time to use this word) collectively and totally!

Sign me,

John Galt


I love how they are closing their deposit accounts but not requiring them to move their loan. Basically what they are saying is we have not problem taking your money through interest payments but holding your money is out of the question. These hypocrites are just that hypocrites. I am no lawyer, I actually work In the banking industry, but in my eyes this is grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.


I guess Suntrust Bank needs to experience something similar also; maybe, if their 2nd Amendment-loving members would remove their funds from Suntrust Bank and deposit with a Pro-Gun institution.


Excellent idea!


Yeah right, find a banking institution that won’t follow the nazi currently in the WH. And also is solvent, wait are any banks solvent?


@ Paul

A single drop in the ocean.


Sue this liberal anti 2A bank. Every gun owning person who does business with this ban k needs to move their accounts elsewhere. I encourage all gun organizations, e.g.,NRA GOA, etc., to inform their readers of this illegal and biased practice.


How come liberal banks can refuse service to gun stores, but Christian florists and bakers can’t refuse service to gay weddings? You can’t have it both ways, unless, of course, if you’re a hypocritical liberal Democrat.


@ OldOllie.

Guess who afraid of Big Banks, more then their afraid of the People that Voted Them into Office…


@ 3006AI.

Good Luck Trying. You know hardit is to sue a bank, it’s trying to sue the Petroleum Industry. They GOT Lawyers, Money and Time on the side, and you got SQUAT…