Tennessee Park Carry Legislation Passes Both Houses, Heading to Governor

NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -(Ammoland.com)- Your NRA-ILA is pleased to report that House Bill 995’s conference committee majority report has passed both houses of the Tennessee legislature.

After a long process of debate between both the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives, HB 995, NRA-backed park carry legislation, was sent to a conference committee earlier this week. The conference committee consisted of six members of the Tennessee legislature. The majority report of the conference committee, authored by state Senators John Stevens (R-24), state Senator Mike Bell (R-9), state Representative Tilman Goins (R-10), and state Representative Mike Harrison (R-09), overwhelmingly passed the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives yesterday. House Bill 995 is now heading to Governor Bill Haslam (R) for his consideration.

The conference committee report will take two important steps toward protecting your Second Amendment rights. First, the report removes the ability for municipalities to opt-out of park carry, thus removing a patchwork of laws throughout the state of Tennessee that could turn law-abiding Tennesseans with handgun carry permits into unintentional criminals.

Additionally, the committee report will clarify current law referring to carrying a firearm in a park while the park is being used by a school. This clarification makes clear that a citizen may lawfully carry in a park outside the immediate vicinity of a school event while the event is taking place in a park.

This important piece of legislation needs your help!

Please contact Governor Bill Haslam (R) immediately and urge him to support your Second Amendment rights, and sign HB 995’s conference committee majority report into law. Contact information for Governor Haslam is provided below.

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The whole notion that a person vetted by the state to carry concealed weapons changes character when crossing an imaginary boundary is sophistic, irrational and pure nonsense. The only places that should be off-limits are those self-evidently proscribed – jails, prisons, mental wards and criminal courtrooms. No other venues pass constitutional muster. Those property owners with businesses open to the public must realize that the three fundamental rights are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (property), IN THAT ORDER. Life and liberty trump property, by design. Should a person be discovered carrying on private property open to the public… Read more »