Anti-Gun Tim Mcgraw’s ‘Shot Gun Tour’ Tramples the 1st & 2nd Amendments

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Connecticut – -( As reported on April 16 2015, country singer Tim McGraw along with Billy Currington will headline a fundraiser for gun control group Sandy Hook Promise in Connecticut.

Sandy Hook Promise is a vehicle through which various relatives of Sandy Hook victims have joined to push gun control until it passes. Newtown father Mark Bearden joined the group pledging to “dedicate the rest of his life” to pursuing gun control.

McGraw says he supports the Sandy Hook Promise, “Sandy Hook Promise teaches that we can do something to protect our children from gun violence and as AmmoLand Shooting Sports News has repeatedly reported the phrase “Gun Violence”, especially in Connecticut, is gun banner speak for more Gun Control.

Well 10,000’s McGraw fans did not take well to him kicking their 2A rights in the groin and took to McGraws Facebook page to protest. That is where the Mcgraw team decided free speech was bad too.

As the protest comment filled their Facebook page they proceeded to delete any unfavorable comments from pro gun fans.

Check out this comparison taken of McGraws FB vs Billy Currington’s FB page (who as of this report has not yet deleted all his fans protests). You can see the comments to Curringtons are overwhelmingly negative, while McGraw has purged all the backlash to hide his fans, or now ex-fans, fury over him siding with an east coast anti gun group.

Tim McGraw vs Billy Currington
Tim McGraw vs Billy Currington, McGraw doesn’t like his fans protesting his headlining a anti-gun fund raiser and has deleted all his fans negative comments.

To make the whole sorted tale even more ironic Mcgraw’s 2015 Music tour is nicknamed the “Tim McGraw Shot Gun Rider Tour”. I am not making this stuff up.

In one bad move Tim McGraw has trampled the Free Speech and assisted in undermining the Second Amendment.

As our friends at Bearing Arms stated, he is “Poised To “Dixie Chick” Himself With Gun Control Benefit Concert

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NZ Jeremy

Yes, Tim is entitled to his free speech, but so are we. We have every right to tell the world that he’s wrong. Tim is just short sighted, Adolf Hitler took the guns off the people, there’s no way he could have gotten away with what he did if his victims had the power to fight back. I’m not comparing Donald trump to Hitler, I’m a trump supporter myself, but what would happen if trump did get in power and sent his own personal police to silence Tim for all of his liberalistic bullshyte? I bet Tim would wish he… Read more »

John Fernau

Actually Diamondearthday is correct. The 1st Amendment applies as to what the government can and can’t do as far as controlling free speech. If McGraw doesn’t want to have your posts on his page he doesn’t have to. Like wise if you have a blog page of any sort and don’t like what someone puts up there YOU can take it down, it’s yours. The government on the other hand can’t tell you to shut up.


I’m confused? How did Ammoland manage to report anything yet on July 16, 2015!!!

As with many blogs on the internet proofreading is really at its nadir.


The story is wrong. He has done nothing wrong and this has nothing to do with the 1st amendment. Just as you do not have to listen to him, he does not have to listen to you. This is not a RIGHT it is a choice. So for all the ones saying he is trampling free speech, you are still speaking. When joining a conversation, please try and have a basic understanding of what you are talking about when you start talking. Because when you do not, it makes you look ignorant. Nofool, levels of education have nothing to do… Read more »




Why don’t they finish it off and go get gay-married?


Why don’t they just finish it off and go get gay-married?


Dear Tim,



So many “Constitutional scholars” so little knowledge.

I’d bet half those 100 million gun owners graduated in the bottom half of their high school class.
If they graduated at all. GED = bottom percentile too.

Tim Is exercising his free speech. That’s the fact. You all can say what you want but if you stick to the facts
You got nothing to say. Tim’s right this time. Disagree and prove you are a loser…


So, because we disagree we someone who puts a “but” on not only Constitutional but inherent freedoms we’re the losers? What an interesting concept.


Ah typos: should read “disagree WITH someone…”


no fool = a foolish shill trolling for a paycheck = useless idiot.
POLLY WANT A CRACKER? baaarrraaaccckkkkk!


This proves that all country singers do not support the constitution and America. The hell with tim mcgraw.


You may want to re-acquaint yourself with what the First Amendment is for. McGraw can’t violate the First Amendment because he is a private person, not the government.


Well that’s a surprise another Constitution hating performer, never heard of him or it or whatever. I will never buy any of its albums and if I have any then they will make good fireplace fuel. If he hates the Constitution so much then he can just go to a country where they don’t have a constitution.

CDR Christie

I DO listen to Country radio a good bit – and sent this to the music / programming directors of the two local stations I listen to (emails are in “Contact Us” on the station web pages): Good morning. I am a pretty regular listener – not 24×7, but most days about an hour, more on weekends. I have heard “a rumor” that Tim McGraw and Billy Currington are planning on supporting an anti-second amendment cause. My initial research seems to indicate the above story line is accurate. It’s their right to support any cause they want to, of… Read more »

Gene Galitz

It’s way past time ALL GUN OWNERS stopped supporting the celebrity types that use OUR MONEY to fight against our constitutional rights! Don’t buy their stuff, watch their movies and support their sponsors! Without our money they’d have to find other employment.


At least the Dixie Chicks were on the right side of the issue they chose to speak up about. All gun owners should be against the govt’s aggressive wars. The whole point of the 2A is to disarm the govt arm the people. If you advocate an armed govt you advocate against liberty.


How about 100 million gun owners who say he is wrong and never buy any of his songs. That should take something out of his pocket book.

Dave from San Antonio

Good-night, Timmy, wherever you are…you unpatriotic liberal, you.


Another leftist trying to tell everybody what needs to be done to stay safe.
Stay safe and carry the biggest gun you can handle.
His father,Tug mcgraw must be rolling in his grave.


Tim Who?

john Carr

Tim Turd, that’s who.

George Clavin

No wonder his father (Tug McGraw) disavowed him for most of his life and Faith Hill dumped him!

Benda McWhorter

Well, ask the Dixie Chicks who in 2003 criticized President Bush and the war in Iraq. Following their attack on the former president during a world tour in England, music fans turned against the chart toppers who have never bounced back despite releasing several albums since. My neighbor just burnt every Tim McGraw CD he owned – 20 minutes ago!

john Carr

I’m glad he burned them, but he shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. I never liked him and what he is doing now makes me dislike him more.If it wasn’t for his Daddy’s money he would have ever bought his way into CWM.


To hell with McGraw ! POS !