“Universal Hunter” Spring Issue Dives Deep Into the Congo

Universal Hunter MagazineUSA (Ammoland.Com) – Universal Hunter April/May/June issue, available on newsstands and online at http://UniversalHunter.Com, goes deep into the Congo for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see a Silverback Gorilla and bring home a Bongo trophy with an exclusive article told by Jen Adams of Universal Huntress TV. Also in this issue are articles by respected columnists, Tim Herald and Larry Weishuhn – both master outdoorsmen in their own right who have hunted around the globe. Read Herald’s article, “Buffalo on Three Continents,” where he shows his journey from Argentina to Australia to Africa. Turn to Weishuhn’s article, “Mexico Double,” where he hunts for Coues whitetail and mule deer in the same area of Sonoran Desert.

Universal Hunter magazine is created for those outdoorsman who want to see the world via hunting,” said Chantelle Kapp, editor of Universal Hunter. “We find those who have experienced the highest highs – and lowest lows – in remote places you need a map to find to share their stories so our readers can not only get excited about their own trips, but learn in the process.”

Universal Hunter MagazineIn “Exploring the Congo,” writer Jen Adams, her co-host of Universal Huntress TV, Norissa Adams, and three other women toughed out the jungle with their guides. They withstood creepy bugs, massive heat and man-made disasters, like lost luggage, cancelled flights and more. “It was a tough week for Jen and Norissa. They went out early each morning ‘till late at night looking for their Bongos. It did not rain for the first few days, which made spotting these animals nearly impossible,” said Kapp, who was also part of the trip to the Congo. “I gave Carin, from Congo Hunt Safaris, and our PH’s wife, Tania, first option to go out with the hunting vehicle, while I hiked around camp and enjoyed the views from the nearby blinds. I had to overcome my fear of heights on this trip, but it was all worth it once I got to sit in a tree blind above the tree line and enjoy the majestical views of the forest.”

Regular columnists Dr. Jim and Mary Clary provide product reviews on items from the CVA Accura MR Black Nitride Rifle to Stone River Neck Knife. Plus, read more articles on knife sharpening skills by Tom Claycomb III and a special piece by recording country artist Morgan Mills on her South African safari that was also filmed for Universal Huntress TV airing on Sportsman Channel. “I have seen a glimpse of what heaven must look like,” said Mills in her piece “Witkop Adventures.” “The view is set on the countryside of the very bottom of South Africa in the Free State. Once we turned onto that dirt road toward Witkop Safaris, I couldn’t help but think of the verse in the good book where it describes ‘heaven has a wall made of jasper, a city of pure gold and as pure as glass.’”

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About Universal Hunter:

Along with publisher Hennie van der Walt, who has been hunting for several decades and is a pillar in the outdoor magazine publishing business and publisher, Emaneul Kapp, the respected wildlife and hunting videographer and photographer with more than 20 years worldwide video and photography experience, and also the Producer for Universal Huntress, they help put Universal Hunter Magazine together. Editor Chantelle Kapp with our team of professional writers like; Tim Herald, Tony Martins, Magnus Pelz, James Clary, Larry Weishuhn, and many other known and respected writers, we provide you with new and exciting hunting and informational articles in each issue. Member contribution articles are also published, giving our readers the best of both worlds.