2015 Gun Facts Scorecard – Scoring State Gun Control & Gun Rights Laws

The Gun Fact's Non-Brady Scorecard
The Gun Fact's Non-Brady Scorecard

Gun Facts

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Every year the Brady Campaign produces their State Scorecard, ranking which states have the “strongest gun laws.”

Every year, we prove there is no correlation between what Brady thinks is a good gun control law and violent crime.

This year, we decided enough is enough. To end the ongoing canard called the Brady Campaign State Scorecard, we embarked on a preliminary study of the effectiveness of gun control and gun rights legislation, to see what has an effect on violence.

The Top Take-Aways

The Brady Campaign will not be happy. After performing some high-level statistical analysis on a roster of laws, we found that:

  • The Brady Campaign State Scorecard has no correlation to violent crime control
  • Some correlation exists between public carry of firearms and lower violent crime
  • Seven points of gun owner rights liberation correlate with lower crime, whereas none appear for tighter gun restrictions
  • Most gun control laws appear to encourage robbery
  • None of the popular gun control laws reduced firearm homicides

In our review, we went broad. We identified several major categories of legislation and evaluated them not only in groups, but the individual laws therein.

Those categories are:

  • LIBERATION LAWS: Laws that provide individual citizens more choice in the use of firearms for self-defense.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE LAWS: Laws creating paperwork without directly targeting criminals. They may also provide regulatory oversight on the movement of guns within a state.
  • RESTRICTIVE LAWS: Laws that directly restrict citizens from owning or using firearms or limit their choice in firearm types.

Real Scoring

Unlike the Brady Campaign State Scorecard, we created a scoring system based on a hypothesis, not merely a legislative wish list. In this we looked for a model that that would show non-random correlations between a law and a drop in violence. Using a +5 to -5 scale, we assigned each law a score based on the hypothesis that self-defense is a factor in reducing violence (you would have to work for Michael Bloomberg to think otherwise) and that restricting choice and availability of firearms impedes self-defense.

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About Gun Facts:

Gun Facts debunks common myths about gun control. It is intended as a reference guide for journalists, politicians and anyone interested in learning about gun control facts and restoring honesty to the debate about guns, crime, and the Second Amendment. Read in in more than 165 countries around the globe, Gun Facts is your reference guide to bringing truth to the gun control wars and making elected leaders obey.

Gun Facts

  • 18 thoughts on “2015 Gun Facts Scorecard – Scoring State Gun Control & Gun Rights Laws

    1. Permits go carry are an infringement. Name one other constitutionally protected right that requires the person exercising it to ask for permission and pay a tax. Its the same thing as a poll tax which were found to be unconstitutional.
      The second amendment does not grant a right. All American citizens were born with the right to bear arms. The second amendment forbids government to control that right via permits, taxes, limits on magazine size, types of firearms, and how or where we choose to take our arms.
      The anti-gun crowd screaming we need to have a sensible discussion on firearms is nothing but a smokescreen. Their endgame is total bans on all guns. We have compromised way to much already and need to take back what we had prior to the first gun control act in the 30’s. That led to more restrictions in 1968 and a total ban on certain weapons in 1986. Gun owners have given up far to many rights already. No more discussions, no more comprising.
      The second amendment is there to prevent a tyrannical government from abusing its citizens. We have every right to own any and all man portable weapons the military has right now within reason. I don’t believe private citizens should have access to nerve gas, antiaircraft missle systems, etc. However we should have free access to buy any types of firearms made and carried by our ground troops.

    2. years ago the Brady Campaign with Hillary Clinton took a select few of the Nations largest Hospitals to get a figure on the cost of treating gun shot wounds, these hospitals were mostly located in gun control cities, then they multiplied that number by every hospital in the nation to get a phoney inflated number.

      1. Seriously that is hysterical!!!! How could the cost of getting shot matter to any statistic? So you think it is cheaper for me to fix up a car accident then to fix up a gun shot? If the price is actually different should we outlaw cars? Oh wait we let insane physically and mentally handicapped 90+ year old Alzheimer’s victims drive 3000 pound cars all day long and sometimes right thru the front doors of Wal-Mart should that be Federally corrected as well or should it simply be taken care of on an individual basis like gun control should be. Universal possession of guns unless individually restricted otherwise (regardless of the extent of the 2A) There needs to be a way to stop convicted criminals sex offenders pedophiles rapists and mentally handicapped from getting their hands on weapons the rest of us should be allowed open carry concealed carry and no nonsense. Why can’t it be innocent until proven guilty. You can have a gun until you screw up then you lose the right.
        None of this file paperwork get FBI approval wait 3 days for what could easily take 30 seconds etc… Now if you are in fact a bad guy no law is going to stop you and if you do try to do it thru legal channels there needs to be a way to stop it. Dr D

    3. No, the only reason North Dakota is white is, we all carry guns. ND is pretty much a rural state. Check just about any pickup truck out here and you will find a rifle or two in it. Not to mention the pistols we carry also. And yes we have less than a million people in our state and that’s the way we like it. Nice and quite out in the country except for planting and harvesting time when you hear the farm equipment putting the crops and then harvesting them for all to eat. And yes the farmers grow the crops to make the food, the food doesn’t come from the grocery store, they just sell it. The only other time it is noisy out here in the country is during hunting season. You will hear the rifle shots and the shotguns going off but you know something, there has been no one killed around the hunters.

    4. The reason the right to keep and bear arms was put into the constitution was in the event the the citizens of this great country would have the need to rise against its own government. with that said why would your own government want to disarm its citizens? All the countries that have been over run by the military, rapes and murders are those that the people had no means to protect themselves from this. we have the same right to protect ourselves today as we did then and it should never change,, god bless america!!!

    5. “The ‘issue’ is never the issue; the issue is always the (communist) revolution”

    6. The map cannot be right because it is still showing snow on the ground
      in N. Dakota. Those dummies.

      1. I suspect the reason why North Dakota is White. Is because the Total State Population is less then 3/4 of a Million people. Must be a Difficult Place to Pole…

    7. I think that reality is almost always between the expectations of opposing groups. It is most likely that gun laws have little to do with the existence or absence of crime. Criminal activity has to do with the mindset of the population. I or you are not any more or less likely to be a victim or perpetrator of violence because of local gun law. Give it a rest.

      1. While your comment seems quite reasonable on its face, it does not accord with the facts. In fact, every state (even when considered at the county level) that has passed concealed carry laws, has seen a statistically significant drop in violent crime within a year after the passage of such laws, and the decline continues afterwards. This suggests that, since the passage of the law would hardly have resulted in a change in local demographics, the change has occurred among the same groups, with the same attitudes, and the same “mind-set,” as were present before the law was passed. Also, in FL, the passage of the CCW law in 1989 was not only followed by drop in violent crime, but also by a change in the targets of such crime. Presumably because it became more dangerous to attack FL residents (since they might be carrying concealed guns) the lower crime rates actually started targeting visitors (primarily by targeting those who were living in hotels or driving rental cars) until another law was passed several years later, that made it possible to get a temporary CCW license when visiting the state. After that law was passed, the targets of violent crime broadened out again to include roughly equal numbers of both residents and non-residents. These events occurred within a relatively stable population demographic, suggesting that the same people, with the same general values, and the same mind-set as before, changed their behavior following passage of these laws. Hence, your hypothesis, while quite reasonable sounding, is not supported by the facts.

        1. REALLY well written post Oldshooter from here in Orlando I say THANK YOU for the fine reply and a great way to word things when the subject comes up.

    8. Brothers/Sisters in arms in Pennsylvania , VOTE May 19, 2015. Voter guide at – Firearm Owners Against Crime. Thanks.

    9. It’s not enough to tell the Brady Bunch to piss up a rope. You need to have facts otherwise you come off looking just as uneducated as they are. I downloaded this to my Kindle on iPhone and it’s an amazing piece of work. Refutes virtually every claim made by Brady, the Whiney Mommies and the VPC. They promise a future edition that will delve into other issues. Well worth $.99.

      1. You can’t rely on facts with the Brady bunch, while they put out a score card to give validity to their position it is all actually based on feelings and strong emotions. We have to have our facts straight to win the argument and hold them at bay, but don’t think for a min that you will get any of the Brady’s to think when presented with the facts.

    10. One glance at the map and you need not know its purpose. You will immediately dismiss it as worthless. California and Texas are colored in the very same way. Uh……….NO!

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