Anti-Gun Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill Closes in Woodbridge, VA

Anti-Gun Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill Closes in Woodbridge, VA
Anti-Gun Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill Closes in Woodbridge, VA
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AmmoLand Gun News

Woodbridge, VA – -( Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill at Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center closed for good early Saturday morning, according to John Thomas, vice president of operations for the company.

Closing the restaurant was “strictly a strategic business decision based on our company’s future roll out plans,” Thomas said in an email.

The much-anticipated restaurant opened in December 2013 at Potomac Town Center after year’s worth of delays. but on Dec. 27, 2013, Breitbart News reported that Keith’s new restaurant has these words affixed to the front window: “No Guns Permitted.”

“Telling gun owners they weren’t welcome with their “No Guns” sign probably didn’t help the bottom line.” quipped Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Philip Van Cleave

Employees and patrons said the business was open Friday night, and staff was told at the end of shift that the restaurant would be closing.

Thomas confirmed that account, saying all employees were informed at that time.

By Saturday morning, the Woodbridge location’s website and Facebook page were removed.

Moral of story: If your trying to stay in business why would you exclude a entire class of family oriented, law abiding people?

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Gun owners should try out The Gun Dude in Falls Church, they have $25 transfers.


Done w toby Keith, Tim McGraw and the pc group @the awards. We love country music cause they aren’t pc. We arent gonna support these Hollywood chasers and their pc agendas. Wth is their reason for pissing us off. Not paying a dime 2these 3.the group os little big town. Done!!Country fans r majority conservative, gun loving,traditional marriage folks.


I knew that phony-baloney Keith was bad news. He openly campaigned & raised money by holding concerts for that schmuck B. Hussein Obama. Now this! I quit listening to Toby K when he started stumping for B. Hussein, and just like that no-talent Tim McGraw, these two country singers (not stars) need to rein in their deranged personal beliefs.
Country music fans were betrayed by these two “phony baloney, plastic banana good-time rock & rollers!”


In July 2008 toby keith was being interview and was asked about obama as a presidential candidate. Keith said that obama would make a good president thereby endorsing the islamic communist. This is not second info because I heard it myself. Ever since then I do not even listen to his music and sure as heck don’t buy it. I am glad his food joint failed. The food joint and keith are POS’s and anti American. Go the same way as your friends the “dixie pigs” you POS. DOWN THE TUBES.


It is not because us ‘gun nuts’ did not like the ‘no guns’ sign.

It closed because people most likely did not feel safe inside a business that
left their patrons UNARMED and easy prey for the modern day Highway men.


Let’s add insult to injury and open a gun shop there.


Yeah! I love Kenneth’s idea.

More serious; I’ve come to realize most entertainment folks seem to be supportive of whatever “rights” and patriotic agendas tend to sweeten their pot the most (read that as whatever benefits their pocket book the most). A bunch of the rich and famous have been on top for so long, they have no clue about reality anymore. Done forgot where they came from! Just my opinion, of course.


I heard they closed because they served fries and the anti-fry movement was planning to picket. Seriously? Do anyone but the gun nuts think the restaurant closed because the gun nuts didn’t like the sign? Are you guys claiming victory for our failure to return to the moon again because no guns were allowed on Apollo also? Get a grip.

TSgt B

Forgot to take your thorazine again, eh?


Didn’t the Dixie Chicks also disappear because of their liberal rant? I thought Toby was “one of us” when he spoke against their anti-conservative position. I guess I was wrong.


Yeah, Dick, ‘fraid Tobe is one of the rare Liberal CW singers, like Faith & Tim, druggy Willy, and God knows who else. We really need to pray for them.


I thought Toby was “one of us” when he spoke against their anti-conservative position.

That’s the problem when you base your career on “ideology”. Sooner or later you’ll break with the tribe, and then you have nothing.

(In all fairness, similar thing might be happening to Joss Whedon)


tim McGraw might be next, not with a bar, but maybe his career.

Bob Sadtler

Maybe they should have called it, “Not too many people [heart] this bar!”


It was a stupid thing to put the sign up. Keith just pissed off his fan base by doing that. I don’t know what the laws are in that state, but in Texas you can carry concealed if less than 50% of the establishment’s business is alcohol. You can sit in a restaurant and consume alcohol while carrying a pistol, but you can’t get drunk. In twenty years of concealed carry in Texas I’ve never heard of a single incident of someone getting drunk in a restaurant and shooting the place up. Keith is just another jerk impressed with his… Read more »


I hate to rain on your parade, but, if you are carrying concealed AND consuming alcohol YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW. There is NO standard in Texas about being “drunk” while carrying. The standard is NO DRINKING ALCOHOL while carrying. You need to know the law if you are going to carry a concealed firearm. And any idiot KNOWS alcohol and guns DON’T MIX!


You are correct. Any drinking would be illegal. And if you used your weapon, good luck to you legally.


Actually, what the TX concealed handgun law REALLY says is that an establishment (which must be in a permanent building, which is the definition of “premises” through TX case law) that makes at least 50 percent of its revenue from alcohol sales, MUST post a sign, known as a “50 percent sign,” that states carrying is illegal on the premises. An establishment that serves alcohol, but makes less than 50 percent of its revenue from the on premises consumption thereof, can either post a specified sign that says the “Unlicensed” carrying of a weapon is illegal, which exempts CHL/CCW license… Read more »


It’s a non issue….in VA, no guns in bars, even if u have a concealed carry permit. Has been this way forever


The ‘anti-rights cabal’ wants you to think believers in the 2nd Amendment are a bunch of pariahs. They’ve succeeded in doing that to smokers, yet they champion legalization of marijuana. It’s all about rendering the population mindless and powerless!


The population is already mindless and powerless. Heck, only 35% of the mindless even bothered to vote.

Larry Weeks

Moral of the story: If you’re trying…


Indeed. It should be ” YOU’RE “, not ” YOUR “. The message goes a lot further when you use correct spelling and grammar. AND… you don’t come across as some ignorant, toothless redneck who never completed the 3rd grade.


Wow…grammar Nazi’s are everywhere! You don’t know Larry – perhaps he is doing the best he can, and now you have insulted a fellow gun owner/2nd Amendment supporter! Or maybe Larry just doesn’t care to take the time to please some grammar fanatics, who know? One thing for sure, regardless of the cause, you knew exactly what he was trying to say – wouldn’t you agree that is the more important thing here?!


While sometimes grammar notifications are warranted…. Ex. “your an idiot” If you’re slamming someone for being stupid, don’t make stupid errors yourself, at least in the post where you’re condemning them. Here, it wasn’t necessary but you’re building a straw man that has caught fire and you’re being a drama queen. “you have insulted a fellow gun owner/2nd Amendment supporter” So? HiDefRev didn’t slam him for his gun ownership, nor for his support of the #2A. It was to correct his spelling. My point is, if you’re going to correct someone for being off topic, it’s best not to do… Read more »


You judged the guy above in your rage on grammar. You yourself incorrectly used a comma after the word comment. It should never had been placed there. Also, you didn’t place a comma in the one statement you wrote. In your words you wrote, ” Here, it wasn’t necessary but”. You needed a comma after necessary. Go f*** off now!


No, HiDefRev is exactly right. If you do not take the time to use proper spelling and grammar, the message is lost in the ensuing exploitation of that ignorance. Even worse, this is thrown back at the rest of us as an example of how uneducated or ignorant our side is when arguing against a non-2A supporter, thus detracting from our message. It should never be insulting to be corrected and possible even learn something, but if it is, perhaps one’s skin is not thick enough to be posting on the Internet.

jim knowles

It’s you’re….. and it’s “an entire class” not a entire class. Who are these uneducated people writing this? I hope not conservatives. Stupidity should be reserved for liberals only. Are they illegal alien mexicans?