Barack ‘Climate Change’ Obama

By Alan Caruba

Obama Climate Change
Barack ‘Climate Change’ Obama
Alan Caruba
Column by Alan Caruba

New Jersey –-( “Woe to the land that’s governed by a child.” – Shakespeare, Richard III

I have been wrestling for some kind of explanation why the President of the United States, Barack Obama, would continue to talk about climate change and urge the global transition from fossil fuels to wind, solar and bio-energy. I have concluded that he thinks everyone, not just Americans, are idiots.

We know he lies about everything, but these two topics are clearly near and dear to his heart.

My friend, Paul Driessen, is a policy analyst for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a free market think tank. Among the pundit class he’s ranked very high by his colleagues.

Here’s what he has to say about climate change:

Paul Driessen
Paul Driessen

“Earth climate always has changed, is always changing, and always will change—but not from fossil-fuel use. Solar fluctuations, deep ocean circulation patterns, and other powerful natural forces have driven climate change and weather events throughout Earth’s history and will continue to do so.”

“President Obama’s hubris is breathtaking. He now thinks an army of regulators can control our planet’s temperature and climate by tweaking emissions of plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide, a mere 0.04% of the atmosphere.”

“America’s communities do not need to be protected from climate change. They need to be protected from the excesses of authoritarian presidents and bureaucrats.”

Driessen and I look at and listen to Obama and wonder if others too see and hear someone uttering some of the most absurd claims about the climate. Then we worry that this someone is the President of the United States with the power to turn his ignorance into national policy.

At this point we have suffered his initial failure to respond to the recession he inherited from the 2008 financial crisis. More than six years later the economy has barely moved toward a normal rate of growth. Then we were gifted with ObamaCare and the disruption of what was widely regarded as the best health system in the world. And, for good measure, he imposed Common Core on an already weakened educational system. It is being repealed and opposed in many states. For good measure, his foreign policy, if he has one, is widely regarded as a total failure.

How is it a former “community organizer” possesses a seemingly vast understanding of meteorology? Did they also teach that at the Harvard Law School?

Climate change,” said Obama, addressing a graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy, “constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and make no mistake; it will impact how our military defends our country.”

“Our military and our combatant commanders,” the President told the Academy graduates, “our services—including the Coast Guard—will need to factor climate change into plans and operations, because you need to be ready.” For what? For a rainstorm? For snow? Wind?

This is the same President who sees no threat to our national security from Iran whose leaders shout “Death to America” every day when they aren’t also shouting “Death to Israel.” He has zealously been pursuing a deal that would enable Iran, the leading supporter of terrorism, to have nuclear weapons. Meanwhile Islamic State (ISIS) is taking over more territory in northern Iraq and into Syria. Obama might as well be dropping bags of marshmallows on them.

He blamed climate change in the form of “severe droughts” for the rise of Islamism in the Middle East and Africa. Someone needs to tell Obama that there have always been severe droughts somewhere on the planet, and floods, and forest fires, and blizzards, and hurricanes. Even so, in the last eighteen years, there have actually been LESS of these natural events, along with the flatlining of the planet’s overall or average temperature—there has been no warming!

Not content to blame climate change for the rise of terrorism, the White House issued a report that was described as “a doomsday scenario of health, security, economic and political issues.” The thing about climate is that it measured in centuries, not years. As for the weather, while records are maintained, it is usually reported as today’s news with a forecast of the coming week.

So you shouldn’t be surprised that the report blamed “asthma attacks” on climate change!

Suffice to say there isn’t a glimmer of hard evidence to support anything the President is saying these days about climate change.

And this is the same President that wants the U.S. and the rest of the world to give up the use of fossil fuels—coal, oil and natural gas—to “stop climate change.”

IF Obama’s climate change idiocy is just a way to distract Americans from the real problems we have encountered thanks to his failure to address them, then it is purely cynical and political.

IF Obama really believes this stuff, he is unfit to be President.

c Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba’s commentaries are posted daily at “Warning Signs” his popular blog and thereafter on dozens of other websites and blogs. If you love to read, visit his monthly report on new books at Bookviews.

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B. Wisecar

Mr. Caruba,
How this site let’s you spew stupidity to such a Nazi level propagandist I will never no. Who do you think you are educating. Misled masses are vulnerable. That’s who. You prey on the weak. You are despicable as well as this site for allowing your continued insults to the majority if Americans who don’t buy your sh*t. You’re the scum of the right and you give them a bad name. But that’s strategy right. To get them to follow a hollow and deadly ideology.

Big Bill

Dear B,: Your tirade is long on venom, but short on reason (and an understanding of how the English language works). While I can make the assumption that you think it is perfectly OK for Obama to make international treaties without the advice & consent of the Senate, I don’t actually know it, because you gave no clue to what you are saying, other than that you hate the Right. Maybe you could enlighten us, by making an actual argument, instead of just flopping on the ground in a temper tantrum, which seems to be the natural condition of those… Read more »


That’s because Obama, and the rest of the whores in his inner circle of traitorous dogs are going to make a lot of money. That’s why he’s pimping it so hard. Who will loose? The American people, that’s who!


I graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1979. Back then, the U.S. military was not very popular so we never had a President or even a VP speak at any USCGA graduation from 1976 thru 1979. I always thought that we had been ignored and I even felt slighted. The only worst feeling would be to have the President of the United States tell graduating Coast Guard Academy Cadets that the biggest threat to the U.S. was from climate change due to global warming. I did not realize President Obama went to the Al Gore School of Science.… Read more »


Whether Obama believes the drivel he has been promoting or not, he is unfit to be President. Ever wonder why the BS media don’t worry about their own futures and the future of their grandchildren with subsequent truthful reporting? I wonder how they stay in business with all the lies they tell and fail to report on.