Brian “Pigman” Quaca: Road to Recovery

By Vanessa Torres

Brian "Pigman" Quaca
Brian “Pigman” Quaca
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –-( Recently I had the chance to speak with Brian “Pigman” Quaca. He was in a horrible accident recently that nearly cost him his life.

It has been some time, but he is on a great road to recovery, and is speaking with me about this, his show, Pigman: The series, and more.

Many of Ammoland’s readers are aware of your accident in Decmeber of 2014 and we are curious as to how the recovery process is going?

It’s going really well, actually better than the Doctors expected.  I just had another eye surgery recently and I’m recovering nicely.  I’ll have another few weeks of wearing the eye patch just to help protect from dust/wind, but then I should be able to remove it.  As far as the nerve damage, it seems like I can feel more and more every day.  I wouldn’t have ever thought pain would have felt so good, but I was so happy just to feel something after these surgeries.  I’m doing acupuncture twice a week and that has helped greatly.  Besides that, it’s just a lot of road trips back and forth to Temple to see all the different specialists on “Team Neuro-Pig“.

Brian "Pigman" Quaca Man Down
Brian “Pigman” Quaca Man Down

What has been one of the most difficult struggles on the road to recovery? How did you overcome these?

Really just teaching myself to shoot with my left eye. I still shoot right handed and I’ve always shot with both eyes open so the transition hasn’t been too difficult. I go into some great detail in the cover article of the June issue of Petersens Bowhunting, so I guess folks will just have to buy a copy to read my new setup!  I’m hitting pie plates consistently at 100 yards and my vision in my left eye is better now than it was before the accident.  I guess it compensated for the loss of vision in my right eye and has forced me to focus on the shot more.  As for rifle shooting…well, anytime you mount a Leupold scope on a Savage rifle loaded with the Big Red H, all you have to do is think where you want to hit the animal and squeeze the trigger.  Best product in the world and I couldn’t do this with anything less than the best…that’s not a pitch, it’s a FACT.  Those factory workers make my job look easy and I need them now more than ever.  I’m very grateful for everything they do.

Recently you made your first appearance back at the NRA national convention. Are there any other appearances that you will be making in the future?

I’ve got a few scheduled in August here in Texas and one in September up with my good friends at Kittery Trading Post in Maine.  I always love doing appearances because that’s where I get to give back to those who support me by tuning in on Sunday nights on Sportsman Channel.  With the accident, we’ve got some making up to do on the production schedule, so I’m taking a break from appearances for the next couple months to focus on filming.  If this were a deer hunting show, I’d have all spring and summer to recover, but it’s not and I can’t.  The great thing is that the pigs reward me by giving me equal opportunity access 24/7/365.  I reward them by making award-winning television.

Brian "Pigman" Quaca
Brian “Pigman” Quaca

What would you want to tell your fans, or any individual who has been in an accident, and is trying to recover like you have?

Point blank, there is no excuse to quit doing something you love.  Even before the accident, I’d spend time with soldiers who were double amputees or paralyzed.

I saw a guy shooting his bow with his teeth one time, another with his toes.  You really have to ask yourself, “man, if that was me, I don’t know if I’d be able to do it.”  I’m in no way comparable to those soldiers and what I went through can’t hold a flame to an IED in a foreign warzone, but I’ve got to be honest with folks about my own personal experience.  After the accident, for the first 24-48 hours, there was a period where I felt sorry for myself laying in the hospital bed in the dark with all the machines beeping.

I had convinced myself that it was over, that I couldn’t feel my face and I looked like hell.  My career was done…everything I’d built for the last 10 years was gone. I made my living in front of a camera and people wouldn’t stand how I looked.

Then, once I hit an emotional rock bottom, I realized there is only one direction to go.  I looked around and everyone was pulling for me.  Little kids were making signs and sending support videos.  Industry friends and fellow show hosts were encouraging me.  My team was all in.  The people I love hadn’t changed.  The people that loved me hadn’t changed and so I shifted gears into not wanting to let them down.  Then once I got home from the trauma center, I got pissed off.  I struggled with the fact that I couldn’t hunt, or fly, or go to ATA or SHOT and see my sponsors and my fans.  I turned it into motivation to become a better archer or marksman with my condition.

That’s my story.  It’s not over yet, but that’s where I’m at right now.  I’m doing everything I can to come back stronger than ever and prove that I still belong here.  I worked too hard to get to the top for an icy road and a 7800 lb. Excursion to knock me back down.

I’ve got the best team, fans, and sponsors on the planet and the Pig is here to stay.

Brian Pigman Quaca for No Limit Archery
Brian “Pigman” Quaca for No Limit Archery

With your show, Pigman The Series on the sportsman channel, will you be making any new episodes in the future?

I’m back. Animals will die. Count on it. As for the air schedule, viewers will have noticed by my condition on camera this past week that my interview sets within the show have been filmed since the accident.

I took a short time off to heal and recover and it was straight back to work in between surgeries and doctor visits.  There will be a 2-part special on Sportsman Channel entitled “Pigman Rising” coming up June 7 and June 14 2015 at 8 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel that will detail the accident and my road to recovery.  Everything after that will continue to be new, original content.  I’ve got a good feeling about this season.  We’ve got some great hunts and destinations lined up that fans will love.


The Pigman is on the road to recovery please be on the lookout for his show Pigman: The Series, and the upcoming special “Pigman Rising” coming up June 7 and June 14 at 8 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel.

For more information regarding Brian “Pigman” Quaca Please visit:

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Andrew Mast

3 my brother gonna kill some pigs? love your show , an would love to win this hunt , thank you !!

Gary Sebastianelli

I see the pain,uncertainty and yet the determination behind the smiles.I know the feeling in a different way, my son Of 28 years passed away this year, I will always continue to hunt but I,m a changed man in ways I can’t explain.
Never change pigman

Jeffrey kenney

Just want you to know my prayers are with you and your dad for a full recovery as to your dad I was that guy too cause a real bad accident in the company truck and hurt people and the thought of that will never leave my head seeing you and your son brought back some bad dreams but remember it’s a accident and we can’t change it but to learn from it that life could change in one second so cherish your son he is alive and living God bless and go hunting

Arvesta Hadnot

Hey brother love the show I thank GOD you are blessed to be still here may GOD continue to BLESS YOU AND THAT YOU DO.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Cecil Clark

Sorry to here about you bad accident, and buy the looks of the truck you should not of survived , However, God had other plans for you. Keep on waken those porkers!!!! Our prayers are with you.

A Fellow Hunter


love your show sorry about your injury hang in there we are praying for you .you are the bomb pig man keep up the good work you are gonna make it

Tony Simon

Pigman, Never ever give up. God didnt put you on this Earth to be a quitter. May you be a testament of the human spirit and a motivational figure to those who need it. You aint done Hoss!

Joe L'Esperance

I Love you brother , I love your shows ,. .Iam watching you pinch your first pig …since your accident!!! You da man!!!WELCOME BACK always remember brother your yesterday are gone can’t bring them back look forward to your tomorrows.. Iam loolking forward to meeting you in person someday.. Iam your biggest fan my man..&I haven’t missed any of your shows… but I disappointed you didn’t have a big chew for your first come back kill the old outlaw Josey Whales.. My dream is to take you hunting bro God Bless you and your family, sincerely your biggest fan, Joe… Read more »

Jack Barber


Man I love your show and have been praying for your recovery since I learned of your accident. Your sense of humor and “never give up” attitude is an inspiration to us all. You hang in there Brian – looking forward to many more of your adventures in the future.

Your Dad is a trooper too – tell him we wish him the best as well.

curt c

Glad to see you are recovering so well! Keep up the good work on the show.

linda brown

pigman glad you are doing better. we love watching your shows

Kathryn M. Munin

Regards from the Munin family to Brian Quaca … we’re sorry to have heard you were in such a serious accident. My husband watches your show, so we encourage you to keep fighting and make your way back! In the worst situations I’ve ever faced myself, quite often it has been a complete stranger who has stepped in and made the difference … the “game changer” … often all it takes is a kind word from another human being … so we hope you receive our message and come to know that several “strangers” in Miami, FL wish you well.… Read more »

Donald Alexander

Get well we all love you and will keep you in our prayers .California city boy country at heart.

Roger Garcia

Orale Pigman, dale gas!

Kevin Miles

Stay strong pigman!

Jerod Waters

Prayers and praise for you from Ada, Oklahoma. Hang in there Pigman!


Pig hunter to Pig hunter (Pigman), glad your on the road to recovery. We all have faced challenges in our lives, your handling you situation with honor, integrity and determination. After experiencing a hip replacement a couple of years ago, I was chomping at the bit to get back out. I worked my butt off and was rewarded with many great hunts. Keep up your great attitude, it will make you a better person for having experienced this challenge!
God speed,

Donny taylor

You are an amazing individual Brian may these words bring you comfort
This to shall pass. May god bless you and yours

Scott Davis

Brian “Pigman” Quaca, get well buddy! See you back whacking critters soon! Love you show and enjoy your can do attitude! I went through a similar eye injury many years ago and had to learn to shoot LH. Hang in there buddy!

Scott, USCG Ret
Concord NC


Please accept a big thanks for your acknowledgment of the people in the military who fight on every day to better themselves and humanity. You are also helping people have the strength to continue with life, even if they are sometimes dealt a bad hand.
God bless you and yours, also a lll you troops who read this.

Dale Thatcher

May God Grant You a Speedy Recovery. Miss your Shows, All the Best to you.