Bullet Bunker Desert Storm Model – Perfect for Sighting High Power Rifles

Shoot More, Get Better with the Safest, Most Durable and Environmentally-Friendly Bullet Trap for .22-700 Nitro Express Rounds

Bullet Bunker Desert Storm Model
Bullet Bunker Desert Storm Model
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Norwalk, OH -(Ammoland.com)- It’s no coincidence the Bullet Bunker Desert Storm Model is sized to hold the NRA silhouette target perfectly. And, that’s not the only feature the top-of-the-line bullet trap can boast.

Designed to sight in most high-power rifles, the trap is perfect for a shooter to function test or dial in without having to relocate to shoot heavy loads. A combination of ingenious design and high functioning materials, the Bullet Bunker Desert Storm bullet trap is built tough to last thousands of rounds. In addition, as with all the Bullet Bunker products you can trust you have the safest and most environmentally responsible piece of equipment available.

The Bullet Bunker Desert Storm model can weather rounds from .22-700 Nitro Express, and not only offers superior bullet stopping power but the unique ability to capture bullets whole. This means, no deflections, lead debris, dust or fragmentation making for ideal use at indoor or outdoor ranges. If Africa is in your sights, this model is also available with a Full Auto option designed to stop dangerous game solids, as well as full-auto fire.

The self-sealing face of the trap is perhaps one of the most impressive design features of the Desert storm. A fabric similar to the material used in bulletproof vests, laminated with rubber makes the front panel of the Bullet Bunker that absorbs rounds with minimal visible wear. This bullet stopping polyester/nylon, self-sealing rubber blend results in a Bullet Bunker with the ability to take thousands of rounds before the front panel needs to be replaced.

Made in Ohio, the heart of America, the Bullet Bunker Desert Storm model is built to conform to all city, county, state and federal regulations. The trap measures 31.76”L X 25.5”W X 31.125” H and weighs 525 lbs.

Accessories available for the Desert Storm model include a 24” or 36” Stand, 4” Casters (to be installed on stand only), and a ½” Eye Bolt Kit.

About The Bullet Bunker

The Bullet Bunker is the leading manufacturer of bullet traps for indoor and outdoor firing ranges. For personal or commercial use, the bullet traps are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States. The company offers 23 models for virtually any and all types of ammunition. Founded by Gary Mol in 2008, the company’s innovation team includes former and current military and law enforcement personnel, who alongside civilian shooters, are dedicated to developing the most advanced, most effective and safest bullet collection and disposal systems, period.

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