Delta Waterfowl’s New Waterfowl ID Guide Was Made For Your Blind Bag

Waterfowl ID Guide
Waterfowl ID Guide
Delta Waterfowl
Delta Waterfowl

Bismarck, ND -( Let’s face it: With continually changing feather plumage of ducks and the less-than-ideal light conditions often experienced during hunts, properly identifying ducks — even in hand — can be challenging.

Well, here’s a great new guide that can turn you into a waterfowl identification guru in the duck blind. Introducing the North American Waterfowl Identification Guide, a joint effort of Delta Waterfowl and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Presented in full color with detailed photos of males and females, tops and bottoms of wings, as well as images of bills and feet, this guide serves as the definitive waterfowl identification tool covering 47 species of ducks, geese and swans.

The easy-to-understand methods detailed in the guide rely on the proven system of USFWS special agents and waterfowl identification experts Terry Grosz, Patrick Bosco and Rich Grosz.

“To produce this guide, we partnered with USFWS waterfowl professionals who teach duck identification to wardens across North America,” said Jason Tharpe, chief operating officer for Delta Waterfowl. “The result is a highly accurate, reliable field identification guide duck hunters everywhere can use with full confidence.”

It’s printed on special waterproof, tearproof paper, so it’s perfect for your blind bag, no matter how wet the conditions. Production of the guide was supported by Realtree Max-5 camouflage.

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