GVK11 Outdoors Havin’ a Gobblin’ Good Turkey Season

Billy Kats
Billy Kats
GVK11 Outdoors
GVK11 Outdoors

Lombard, IL -(Ammoland.com)- Recent reports from GVK11 Outdoors host, Billy Kats, about his team's spring turkey season, suggest Illinois gobblers have plenty to worry about.

Billy and his team have experienced a banner spring turkey season with numerous toms and even a thunderstorm. Jake hitting the ground and filling freezers with second-to-none organic-as-it-gets turkey meat.

“We've had a heck of a season so far and still have some hunting left in us. We're not done yet. We've taken some great birds, including my personal heaviest, at 26 lbs., and even took a great Jake during a thunderstorm when most would say the hunt is washed out.”

The spring season continues for GVK11 Outdoors but it will be tough to top Kat's most memorable moment.

“I even took my daughter on her first turkey hunt. As a dad I can't tell you how much that weekend meant to me. The premise of GVK11 Outdoors is to share my father's legacy… his story. To pass that to my daughter… what could be better than that?”

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Billy Kats

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Billy Kats' GVK11 Outdoors is focused on delivering valuable, unbiased and credible information those adventure seekers with an affinity for our outdoor heritage, regardless of age, gender or level of experience. Founded as a tribute to his father, George Vasilios Katsigiannis (and his lucky number “11”), Kats' GVK11 Outdoors seeks to deliver the grit, integrity and adventure of the outdoors from the perspective of a father's legacy through the GVK11 Outdoors website, social media and soon, premium television. “Be a full-timer, not a part-timer!”

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