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Leola, PA -( Lancaster Archery Supply is now sponsoring the powerful event management, promotion and scoring platform known as

Lancaster Archery Supply founder and owner, Rob Kaufhold, is committed to supporting resources that foster growth and acceptance of the sport of archery.

“Our role as a leader in 3D and Target Archery gives us a responsibility to identify and support the organizations that are bringing new ideas and concepts to the sport,” said Kaufhold. “We are confident that will make it even easier for new archers to discover and participate in the sport we love.”

The sport of archery has seen unprecedented growth in recent years and archery tournaments are now more popular than ever. New archers are seeking local clubs where they can learn the finer points of the sport and where to find target or 3D events in their area. However, local and national tournaments are not promoted heavily and, as a result, finding where the next archery event will be held can be a challenge.

Archery is a dynamic company that has solved many issues associated with publicizing the details of archery tournaments. By visiting, clubs and organizations can post & promote events for archers to quickly locate tournament dates and locations while learning about archery clubs in their area.

The service is free and available for “average Joe’s,” professional archers, and everyone in between. Brian Bychowski from Archery said this service is a valuable resource for everyone who enjoys the sport of archery.

“The response to Archery has been overwhelmingly positive, as organizations immediately see the value in the tools the site has to offer. Archery is an effective management tool for groups and organizations holding any type of archery event,” said Bychowski. “Pro shops, clubs and all groups can promote their event, big or small, by creating their own free archery website within Archery”

On top of managing event logistics and publicity, the site also boasts free scoring software, usable during or after any type of archery event. “Groups can even post scores as they are happening live so people can follow the tournament from anywhere. Up until now, live scoring for archery was something only available on the world stage. With Archery live scoring is available to any club, no matter the size, and it’s all free thanks to supporting companies like Lancaster Archery Supply.

Visit to create a free account, post events or find out what events are coming to your neighborhood or e-mail [email protected]

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