Nebraska Moose Triggers Temporary Boating Ban at Bridgeport Lake

Moose in Water
Nebraska Moose Triggers Temporary Boating Ban at Bridgeport Lake
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

LINCOLN, Neb. –-( Officials of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission have implemented a temporary boating ban on Center Lake at Bridgeport State Recreation Area because of moose activity in the area.

Officials say there has been a regular occurrence of at least one moose in and around Center Lake, the largest body of water in the park that is most often used by boaters. A moose has been known to visit an island at the lake in recent weeks.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to take this measure, but we believe it’s the best course of action for public safety,” said Todd Nordeen of Alliance, a Commission big game program manager.

Considering the increased activity expected at the lake with Free Park Entry and Fishing Day on Saturday, officials decided to temporarily suspend boating until further notice. Officials will re-evaluate the situation Monday and determine whether to lift the ban.

Officials stress that people should not approach or feed moose as they have been known to become aggressive toward people and pets. Park visitors are reminded that all pets are required to be on a leash, a provision that is especially important with moose in an area.

Game and Parks officials are distributing informational material to caution park visitors, including brochures and signage around the park. People are being asked to report any moose sightings to the local police department, conservation officer or nearest Game and Parks office.

Aggressive moose often show a variety of signs, including pinned back or flattened ears with fur raised around the neck and back. Other signs are a lowered head, stomping feet and teeth clicking or licking of its lips. In the case of a moose charging, people are encouraged to run and not stand their ground.

  • 10 thoughts on “Nebraska Moose Triggers Temporary Boating Ban at Bridgeport Lake

    1. It is unique having this moose around. Having talked to officials in Lincoln , I see why they are worried about the moose. It’s like watching the bison at Custer national park,some idiot has to see how close they can get. The majority who do those things have no idea what wild animals are capable of, they are not pets…I can see why they have to do something…the game commission will. Take the flack for this, too bad for the moose…we have a lot of uncommon wildlife, after watching what is happening to this moose though, I am not going to report some that we have seen…just going to take pictures for the game commission,so I can share at a later date.this moose has been around for three years, she has kept to herself until recently. She will move eventually for other food sources, the red willows have her attention right now, eventually she will be seeking water plants…the one moose we have been seeing isn’t pregnant nor is she lactating…she took a long walk about…came down the river corridor …has found things to her liking evidently…maybe she will head back upriver this fall when and if she goes into estrus.

    2. how dose a 4 wheeler access the bridge from the park? Through the whole in the fence, I don’t think so. I was in the park the entire weekend and saw no 4 wheelers in the park or 4 wheeler tracks. Maybe they access it from railroad property like they have in the past.

      1. People access the bridge from the approach to the rail road right of way…the people were on my property at. 2:30 Saturday afternoon…green honda 4- wheeler…3 other pele on my property on south side of river same time.

    3. This moose isn’t aggressive. I have been within 10 feet of her numerous times. I have seen her around here going on three years. I offered to feed her on my property to keep her out of trouble. Chase her off the park and fence your recreation area. Your people know I have trespassing on my property by accessing it from your park. Your going to either kill this moose or relocate her. What a shame. Fence your land. Keep people off mine or at least help me out a little yesterday people were on the railroad bridge on a 4 wheeler,they accessed the bridge from your park. I t hen kicked 3 people off my property who gained access from the hole cut in your fence below your bridge

        1. Maybe you should fence your land to keep people off it. Where does your land border the Bridgeport SRA? Last time I checked you border the railroad! If your having such a problem with trespassing post your property properly, I know for a fact Milo, the railroad special agent and local game warden would help you with trespassing complaints, but your complaints are unfounded because I fished by the bridge this weekend. Your statements are a complete lie!

          1. You have no idea about my property boundaries,my property is fenced and signs are up. The law does not say I have to fence my property to keep people off. Also it is against the law to trespass on railroad right of ways,and bridges. Evidently some of you can’t read,there are signs on the park property painting the boundaries…stay in the park, because the sherif and warden have my permission to prsecute

          2. My complaint is not a lie…check with warden and sherif. I have no wish to turn this into an arguement…I say. Your the liar…lol. Anyway we all digress from the subject…the moose needs left alone…she hasn’t hurt anyone… She was unnoticed our big island for a couple of days. .. Got pictures where she is. Only 10 yds. Away, it’s idiots like you I hope to prosecute so bring it on!

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