North Carolina Senate Passes Weakened Version of Sunday Hunting

Please urge your Representative not to concur with this change!

Sunday Hunting
Sunday Hunting
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -( Last Thursday, the North Carolina Senate passed a committee substitute of House Bill 640, the Outdoor Heritage Act, by a 34-13 vote.

Unfortunately, this substitute bill prohibits hunting with firearms on private property before noon on Sundays.

It is critical that all pro-hunting North Carolinians urge their State Representatives not to concur with this misguided amendment made in the Senate. It is the right of every property owner to allow hunting on their property ALL DAY on Sundays during hunting season, if they so choose.

To prohibit hunting with firearms before noon on Sunday extremely weakens the original Sunday hunting provision passed by the House in HB 640, and it is absolutely unnecessary. As proven in the 41 states that allow Sunday hunting with firearms on private property, church attendance is not negatively impacted, and hunters continue to have a high safety record every day of the week.

According to a Gallup poll titled Frequent Church Attendance Highest in Utah, Lowest in Vermont, North Carolina is the ONLY state, out of the top 10 states in the country for church attendance, that restricts hunting on private property on Sundays. Additionally, in the bottom 10 states of the country for church attendance, three of the 10 states fully prohibit hunting on Sundays. The fact is that giving property owners and hunters the freedom to hunt will not negatively impact their decision to attend church on Sundays. In North Carolina, no other recreational activity is banned before noon or otherwise on Sunday including bow hunting and falconry.

Please urge your State Representative NOT to concur with this Senate amendment that prohibits sportsmen from hunting with firearms on private property before noon on Sundays with our online form, or by calling.

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