NRA News Interviews the Anette Wachter aka 30CalGal ~ Video

Anette Wachter aka 30CalGal

Anette Wachter aka 30CalGal
Anette Wachter aka 30CalGal

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USA -( Anette Wachter aka 30CalGal. Is a member of the United States National Rifle Team. She has 6 US National Team Championships, 3 personal national records and over 25 International trophies.

Annette has been accepted as one of the 16 members of the 2015 Palma Team that will compete in the World Long Range Championship held at Camp Perry in August.

Says Anette, “we shoot at bulls-eye targets out to 1000 yards. We are shooting a 308 bolt action rifle. I self support the rifle with a sling in the prone position. We use iron sights not scopes.”

In 2011 she became the second woman and first American woman ever to win the B.C. Rifle Championship in 127 years.

“I have the NRA 300 yard Civilian National Record. In 2013 I traveled to S. Africa and competed with the US Team in the SA Nationals. USA took the Silver Medal for The America’s Match. I placed 2nd overall in the BC Rifle Championships and at Camp Perry US Nationals my team took home 3 National championships and possibly one national record at 1000 yards (Waiting for confirmation) and I placed 3rd in nation individually for The Doc Aiken Trophy at 1000 yards “, say Annette

Anette Wachter 30CalGal Jewlery
Anette Wachter’s 30CalGal Jewlery

More accomplishments; 2014 US Long Range Nationals – Gold Roumanian Palma Team, 2nd Overall Roumanian Trophy, 2014 US Nationals Full Bore – Gold Medal Open Mini Palma 4 man Team, Silver Medal Commodore 12 man team. 2014 Long Range High Power Champion Rattlesnake Mtn. 2014 SW Nationals Gold Medal US Team Tompkins. 2014 SW Nationals 4th Overall Individual Palma TR Agg. 2014 Wes Hall Memorial 300 Yd. – 2nd Overall. 2013 Silver Medal America’s Match Team South Africa, Bronze metal S. Africa Protrea International, S. Africa State’s Presidents One Hundred, 2012 US Team Hayes Silver Medal – Camp Perry Palma. 2012 Team USA Silver medal at the BC Championship. 2012 BC Championship Flintoff Trophy. WA St Governor’s Ten, 2011 41st Division Regional High Power Champion, 2nd Place 2011 Wa St Palma Championship, 2010 Camp Perry Nationals – 1st Place – Remington Band of Brothers Match 1000 yards, 4th Place and HW – Mustin Trophy 1000 yards, 9th Place and HW – Sierra Trophy 1000 yards, and made 2 of 5 1000 yard Shoot Offs. 2006 Camp Perry Army Cup – 4th. 2006 Camp Perry Crowler Cup – 4th.

Anntte lives in Seattle, WA.and is married to Charles Mohseni. They have a four legged and furry child. His name is Kozmo. Annette is a jewelry designer, gun blogger and writes a monthly column for GunUp Magazine.

Her new passion is competing in precision rifle and 3Gun. Wind reading, loading ammo and rifle product testing are my specialties.

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Anette Wachter
Anette Wachter
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Stephen Page

Annie, thank you so much for your kind words and recognition of Great Britain’s fourth consecutive win at Camp Perry.

John Antonio

You go girl!
The wife and I wish you best of luck for your future matches. Kick butt and take names later..Outstanding! With iron sites! Wow!
BTW nice touch on your jewelery. Very nice!
John& Lynda.