Moms Demand: ‘Outlaw’ Biker Gangs Wouldn’t Have Guns If We Expanded Background Checks

By AWR Hawkins

outlaw biker gang
Moms Demand: ‘Outlaw’ Biker Gangs Wouldn’t Have Guns If We Expanded Background Checks
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( In the wake of the Sunday shootout between outlaw biker gangs in Waco, Texas, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is stressing that outlaw biker gangs would not have guns if legislators expanded background checks.

According to The Hill, Moms Demand Action’s Texas leader, Angela Turner, said, “There is no single solution to ending gun violence, but we do know that background checks on all gun sales save lives and keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

Turner also said the shootout ought to be a wakeup call regarding open carry, although she did not explain how a shootout between outlaw bikers is in any way related to law-abiding citizens openly carrying firearms.

Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts voiced her support for expanding background checks via Twitter.

At 5:43 a.m. Monday morning she wrote: “Dear Texas lawmakers: more guns in more places with fewer safeguards [is] not [a] winning strategy for public safety.” Hours later, at 9:03 a.m., she sent another tweet saying the outlaw biker shootout “should be wake up call for Texas legislators: stop taking orders from gun lobby; listen to police and constituents.”

In other words, Moms Demand Action’s reaction to a shootout between outlaw biker gangs is that more gun control should be heaved upon the backs of law-abiding citizens, particularly by expanding the frequency of background checks.

Neither Turner nor Watts addressed the utter failure of background checks to stop high profile attacks.

For example, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi (Garland), Jared and Amanda Miller (Las Vegas), Elliot Rodger (Santa Barabara), Ivan Lopez (Fort Hood 2014), Darion Marcus Aguilar (Maryland mall), Karl Halverson Pierson (Arapahoe High School), Paul Ciancia (LAX), Aaron Alexis (DC Navy Yard), Tennis Melvin Maynard (West Virginia), James Holmes (Aurora theater), Jared Loughner (Tucson), Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood 2009), Jiverly Wong (Binghamton), Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), and Naveed Haq (Seattle), all passed background checks to acquire the guns they used in their attacks, yet Watts and Turner are silent about it.

Why the silence? It is because expanded background checks, while ineffective, are an important step for Moms Demand Action and individuals like Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, because they open the door to gun control by incrementalism.

In other words, once background checks fail to stop high-profile gun crime, the door is open to pursue even more gun stringent controls.

We just saw this in Oregon.

Oregon legislators passed background checks for gun shows in 2000, but the checks did not end the crimes that “closing the gun show loophole” was supposed to end. So Democratic legislators expanded the checks even further this year, now covering private gun sales in the state as well. And when this expansion fails to stop criminals from acting on their criminality anti-gun lawmakers will find newer and more stringent gun control laws that need to be passed, and Moms Demand Action will be right there to support it.

One thing does not change, and that is this — gun control only checks the behavior of law-abiding citizens. It controls such citizens while giving criminals the advantage of being heavily armed.

Want proof? Think about this — it was against the law to shoot at police officers on May 18 2015. Law-abiding citizens complied with the law, but members of the outlaw biker gangs shot at officers in Waco anyway. Shannon Watts and Angela Turner ignored the behavior of the law-abiding citizens, choosing instead to seize upon the criminal actions of the gang members and urge legislators to pass new laws for law-abiding citizens.

It’s the world upside down.

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If we just outlawed murder and assault, murder and assault would end.

No, wait….

Robert Schnebelen

—-If a cat knocked a gun off a shelf and it went off, Moms aganst guns would demand we disarm all cats! Just another Blumberg-funded anti-Constitution ploy! If these people don’t like our Constitution why don’t they just go where there is one they DO like?


They just don’t understand the simple fact that…more restrictions and “control” does not actually save lives. Criminals don’t care about what “laws” they break. Criminals will get the guns they want…regardless of what laws are in place. Statistics, from LE agencies around the Country, have show that in areas where more restrictions or control is found on lawful gun owners…the higher the violent crime by criminals…many of whom use a firearm in the commission of a crime they commit. All this group does is try to inflame “emotions and feelings”…through fear and lies.


And the ignorance just keeps on coming out of this group. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they come to
realize just how stupid they really are. That would be some show.


These women are beyond stupid. Drugs are illegal, so according to their perverse logic, there should not be any. But in reality drugs are even available in prisons. All the silly laws do it deprive honest people from having guns, while insuring that criminals will, and of course the evil rulers and their enforcers will always be the ones with the most weapons and the most likely to use them in the most harmful ways.


I have a message for these ignorant ones: You can give your rights away but stay the hell away fro mine.


What do these people not understand? No law will keep the guns from bad people. Only law abiding citizens will abide. The bad guys/women will still have weapons.

neil p johnsen

The solution to this is to make a 100 ft area around biker gangs a gun free zone……….That will work ! RIGHT !
ha ha!


Im sorry for any losses these women have had.Having said that they need “To Get A Clue”,before opening their collectives mouths.

Jim Mathews

I am sure that they will all be glad to fill out the 4473’s. Shannon, you are diagnosed with optical rectumitis. That is, you have your head up your but and can’t see the real world, just the crap you want to see.

john Carr

I wonder if you could find (1) one complete brain amoung those women.


I love people who cannot decide whether the name is Hyphenated or just one long word……..IE: POLLY-ANNA or POLLYANNA. This is the Democrapic partys way of raising awareness[$$$$$} and using the name “MOM” immediately strikes a knee-jerk reaction to the “cause”. Just like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which does absolutely ZERO to cause drunk driving to be lessened. If anything, the major drunk drivers on the roadways today are all LAWYERS with over 10 DWI arrests, but “they” are officers of the court and absolutely have to get to “work” every day, ergo, other LAWYERS allow them to do so… Read more »

John Galt

Please, could someone stuff something in these stupid, stupid hags mouths and get them to STFU? Everyone is tired of their moronic yammering.


Oh pah-leeez! This, “moms want” this and “moms want” that, BS is wearing thin. Whoever came up with the idea of exploiting “moms want” did so with the intention of invoking horrific images of dead or wounded children in hopes of influencing “anti-gun” sentiment for the sole purpose of furthering their personal anti-A2 agenda, and he or she is one twisted sister. Of COURSE losing a child to violence -of any kind, is incomprehensible and tragic! I’m certain that masters of propaganda everywhere are tipping their hats and sitting up in their coffins saluting the Hitler-wannabee’s efforts to manipulate facts… Read more »


I agree with your overall point however this is untrue.

“it was against the law to shoot at police officers on May 18 2015. Law-abiding citizens complied with the law, but members of the outlaw biker gangs shot at officers in Waco anyway”

The bikers did not shoot at police, they shot at each other. Secondly the police began the shooting themselves the bikers responded to the gunshot by firing on each other. Presumable because they didn’t know who had fired first.


Mom’s – how can women who can’t get a man be a mom?

Can you imagine the pussy that man would have to be with mom in charge…


John Wirts

The only way these losers could ever become moms, would get a teenage boy blind drunk first, or buy a turkey baster and fill it with sperm from a sperm bank. No MAN would touch them.


What total morons ! obviously neither of them have the slightest clue to the meaning of “outlaw” !


I just wonder how that Watts bitch thinks the OMG’s obtain their firearms ?

Roger V. Tranfaglia

Ho boy!
“AHEM”………When guns are outlawed………………(wait for it)…………….Only outlaws will have guns!

HEY SHANNON……You get that?


I demand that these shriveled up old douchebags, that are to stupid to know what common since is, should at least be required to pass a literacy test before they can start screaming about more gun control !!

TSgt B

To paraphrase Dan Akroyd from the original Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update”: “Shannon and Angela, you magnificently ignorant sl#ts!”


100% correct Sir.


Hey Mom’s, When the Outlaw Biker’s had a fight in a casino in Vegas a while back, they did not use guns. They attacked each other with ball peen hammers and knives. They claim the hammers are just tools so the felons can carry them without breaking the law. The Hell’s Angels have claimed the ball peen hammer as part of their culture for decades. It breaks skulls quickly and quietly. They also fit in the side pockets of bib-overalls or painter’s pants so as to be inconspicuous


It’s always the same ole thing, jump on an incident like this and base it on emotions not facts. As someone said earlier, it’s even in the title: “Outlaw Biker Gangs” key word being “Outlaw”! Now what do you suppose that word means Moms? Could it mean big burly, cuddly types? Maybe it means Grandfatherly Motorcycle Groups? IDK. Haven’t M/C gangs been around for a long time now? I know they made movies about them back in the late 60’s and 70’s and Marlon Brando even came in one from the 50’s. When they fought they called it a “rumble”… Read more »

Bob Shell

What would you expect? They use the same tired old arguments whenever something happens. They have no real solutions & don’t have the capacity to think so it is the same ole crap.


Maybe they should read this then wait to see what shakes out in the next few weeks.

Dr. Strangelove

Hey moms! Go straight to the bikers and demand they give up their guns. Try the clubhouse and wear something slinky.


I like your style, Doc. I can see Turner and Watts getting hooked on Crack and Meth and the outlaws turning them out on the street to do tricks. Just deserts for a couple of ignorant twits.


GREAT SUGGESTION, Doc. Maybe then they would get a little “action” and would be so bitchy. Probably the ONLY way they could, bit the bikers would have to be REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLL DRUNK!.

Les Williamson

Contrary to what Jim says the majority of the biker gang members are not previous criminals although they may have chosen a path that may eventually take them there. Many are still capable of passing a background check. Membership in a bike gang is not nor should it be a presumption of criminality. For all we know each of these members could have been capable of passing a background check. After this incident that will change for some of them hence my previous chosen path comment. It is a know fact that alcohol and firearms don’t mix and whatever small… Read more »


Moms is right of course–after all, I am sure they are not a left wing anti-constitution group like so many others. After all, why would a bunch of fun young middle and middle age guys most of whom have records for various other crimes and who have nothing better to do except chum together while selling drugs, prostitution and so much more even begin to think of having illegal guns–after all that would be against the law.


Moms Demand: Go tell it to the illegal alien drug mules on our southern border, and then go to the Hispanic ghettos all over the US and sell the concept to the gangbangers.

Ken Birdsell

Its has been said so many times of late. The problem is not, never has been and will never be one where good, law abiding men and women own and carry guns. If you conduct ten background checks on every person who tried to buy a gun “legally” you would get a very small amount of people we do not want to have them, and they would not get one. Now pay close attention ! A criminal is not going to go buy any gun legally. They will steal it, or find anyway possible to obtain one with showing their… Read more »


Why do you think they call them ‘Outlaws’? Has common sense escaped the ‘Anti-gun rights Movement’? The 2nd Amendment gives citizens some degree of protection from ‘Outlaw Bikers’.

Carl Stevenson

The anti gun folks have NEVET had any common sense.
And, I’m not buying the story that the bikers shot at the cops. At least not until after they realized the police snipers were killing bikers.
I’m betting that all of the dead and wounded were shot by cops, but if that’s true I doubt it will ever be admitted.


Some people are just born stupid wonder how these people would feel about keeping people from buying automobiles? No cars would mean no more drunk drivers, no more car accidents then she could ride a horse or walk every where Oh and don’t allow electricity she might get electrocuted.

Jesse Scott

Idiots. Heck, these guys are most likely supplying guns to be obtained without background checks.

Lawrence A

Maybe they will call for background checks on baseball bats and kitchen knives? That would make Bloomberg and his armed security force happy. How about background checks on Baltimore concrete chunks?


Bottom line is these guys are criminals, so they would have had guns no matter how many laws are passed to prevent ownership by legal citizens. Some of the articles I have read on other websites have stated that the gang members even had automatic weapons in their possession, and we have plenty of laws covering those. Criminals will break the law and mom cannot do anything about it.


I agree! Ask the Rep, in N.J. who wants to ban internet ammo purchasing. Her SONS were convicted of using weapons in their thievery.


And they wouldn’t deal drugs if That was made Illegal.
And they wouldn’t Kill people if That was made Illegal.
And they wouldn’t be Outlaws if That was made Illegal.

Slowpoke Rodriguez

Maybe so, but I think even the NRA is going to have a PR Nightmare Justifying and Generally supporting this one.


Why would that be? You sound like a ‘Moms Demand’ type of person,,,you know,,,the ones without any common sense. The NRA will have no problem explaining anything about this to anyone with even an ounce of common sense.

Robert Liindsey

first of all, what are the facts, not the phy warfare by the pd. how many guns were even there ? How many were being legally carried and legally used. How many bikers were killed by cops and how many by bikers. Number of weapons according to pd, somewhere between 50 and 1000. nothing like real facts. The more I read about this mess, the more I believed the whole thing is a fuck by the pd and the media. I was and am a biker. Before I retired from the USAF in the top 3 % of the enlisted… Read more »


Shannon Watts is a totally sick b#tch !


Do these people really think these bikers all lined up to have background checks done so they could LEGALLY BUY guns????
There probably wasn’t 10 guns there out of the dozens and dozens that still had serial numbers visable on them.
This is about criminals with guns. I wonder if any of the guns came from the TF’s Fast and Furious program.


I dont know what to say about that Shannon Watts bitch nomore ! OC in Texas is a done deal ! Campus carry is what they are trying to work out the final details on. This has nothing to do with the Waco biker trash thing anyways and the Watts bitch knows it !

Pantera Vazquez

These moms against guns are really dense, are they not? What part of gangsters do not/cannot buy guns at licensed gun retailers-who run background checks-do these moms have a hard time understanding? Are they really that deluded to believe that criminals would follow new laws?…………as if they follow the ones on the books currently. The sad part of it all is that each time these anti groups jump to the mike, no one in the MSM calls them out on that big gorilla stuffing up the room.


ALL YOU PRO GUN & PRO CARRY REALLY MISS THE POINT,POINT,POINT.Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense SOUL Purpose is Get in alll your face and stir shit and get DONATIONS to further their cause…. CAUSE= $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Check out their financials.. It all starts with an ideology to stop kids, parents students and innocent from getting killed by guns. That ideology starts a stream of cash to support the ideology which if heard enough will grow to a river and eventually a flood. Then the green monster (greed) takes over and having effected innuendos into absolute lies and let the green… Read more »


You know I think you have a point. It seems everything is driven by the almighty dollar including politics and political agendas. Where does Shannon Watts think the criminals got their guns for this shoot-out, the local Wal-Mart? They got them most likely from the black market where they get their other party favors!


Let’s not forget the Billionaire Bloomberg is backing a lot of these loons. Find some one who will go in public and make a fool of themselves for $$$ and you have anti gun and Global Warming all in one neat package.


Yeh and how many moms would not have murdered their babies if there were BRAIN checks? and I am not just talking about unborn babies….!


I have a message for the ignorant ones : You can give your rights away but stay the hell away from mine.