Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Legislation Still Open to Co-sponsorship in the Keystone

Please urge your state Representative TODAY to co-sponsor the Farina/Godshall Sunday hunting bill!

Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Legislation Still Open to Co-sponsorship in the Keystone
Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Legislation Still Open to Co-sponsorship in the Keystone
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -( As previously reported, Representative Frank Farina (D-112) and Representative Robert Godshall (R-53) have circulated a memo for co-sponsorship of an NRA-backed Sunday hunting bill.

This legislation, yet to be assigned a number, would permit hunting on Sundays in the state of Pennsylvania. The prohibition on Sunday hunting is an old blue law left on the books in just a handful of states.

This prohibition denies hunters access one day per week despite the fact that each year hunters pump millions of dollars into habitat restoration and conservation through Pittman-Robertson funds and are primarily responsible for healthy ecosystems throughout Pennsylvania.

Currently, private landowners who have land enrolled as a noncommercial regulated hunting ground can hunt on Sundays. This amounts to tens of thousands of acres being hunted on Sundays by landowners who can afford to own and enroll their 100+ acre plots as a noncommercial regulated hunting ground. This exemption, which became law more than a decade ago, only allows those who own large tracts of land the privilege to hunt on Sundays, but not the majority of Pennsylvania hunters.

Many hunters are prohibited from introducing their children or friends to hunting because they are competing with organized sports and other activities on Saturday which is currently their only opportunity to hunt outside of the work week. Countless hunters stop hunting because of the lack of opportunity, both in time and accessible land. The addition of an extra day in the field, especially on the weekend, increases the opportunity to enjoy our hunting heritage. Allowing hunting on Sundays would invigorate essential hunter recruitment and retention efforts.

Please contact your state Representative and urge him or her to become a co-sponsor of the Farina/Godshall Sunday hunting bill either by filling out our form or callingIf you are unsure of who represents you, click here.

Your NRA-ILA will continue to update you on this legislation as it moves through the Pennsylvania Legislature.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Legislation Still Open to Co-sponsorship in the Keystone

    1. The current push for sunday hunting in Pa is all about further destroying our deer herd to fulfill the state timber industry and environmental extremist agenda that is currently in place. These factions are pushing the hardest and its a well documented agenda. OUr herd has been messed up enough, and along with it our dwindling hunting heritage. And by the way, this is NOT an old “blue law” it is not religion based because the law had been modified and hunting IS legal for certain species. Just not the evil sapling and wildflower gobbling deer as some would like.

    2. As a long time Pennsylvania hunter, I see both sides of this issue.

      Many Sunday afternoons would have been spent afield with my boys and my wife – if it had been allowed during the years we lived in the Keystone State.

      However, not mentioned in your report, is the GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY element of the controversy. My family felt proud of the fact that Pennsylvania church goers, were not tempted to skip services – in favor of hunting. But we would be happy with a compromise that allowed HUNTING from NOON until SUNDOWN on Sundays.

      This is a method that would give a gentlemanly “nod” to the church – while providing an alternative to ZERO time hunting on Sundays. And such a provision could easily carry over to those who are now circumventing the Sunday Hunting Blue Law – by enrolling their 100+ acre land plots as non-regulated hunting lands. Simply allow the NOON UNTIL DARK (N.U.D. alternative) to apply to ALL EQUALLY.

      Perhaps other states will see this as a modern day way to embrace the SUNDAY opportunity to promote church attendance and hunt together as a family, starting at High Noon.

      Now if we could just tie this REFERENDUM….to the abolition of DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME – the masses would vote for it even though they may not be hunters at all.

      Pennsylvania was second only to TEXAS in numbers of hunters in the state all during the time I lived there – and when we moved – you guessed it….we headed to the Lone Star State…where we hunt on our own land now. But I have too many PA. HUNTING BUDDIES, that deserve an alternative like this – and wanted to at least put it up for proper debate.

      It’s not as black and white an issue as the need to rescind most Blue Laws. The roots run deep in reverence for the LORD’S HOUSE being remembered as the place where we should spend time each week. That being said, I wonder if our Jewish brothers and Sisters should be held to a Christian Blue Law’s Code? For that matter, what about 7th Day Adventists?….or Catholics who went to Mass on Saturday?

      But why hit the slippery slope of viewing this issue as YES ….or…..NO – when there is a reasonable IN-BETWEEN ANSWER that can be embraced by a broader cross-section of the public?

      Let’s PRAY ON IT…..before we take sides….O.K. !!!!!

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