PolyCase’s Revolutionary Inceptor ARX Ammunition Now Available at Cabela’s

PolyCase Inceptor ARX Ammunition
PolyCase Inceptor ARX Ammunition
PolyCase Ammunition
PolyCase Ammunition

SAVANNAH, Ga – PolyCase Ammunition, LLC, a developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art ammunition, announced today the company’s revolutionary Inceptor ARX self-defense ammunition has been launched at Cabela’s.

Cabela’s, The World’s Foremost Outfitter, is the largest direct marketer of hunting, fishing, camping, and related outdoor merchandise.

Founded in 1961, Cabela’s has become one of the most well-known outdoor recreation brands, with 67 superstores throughout North America.

“Cabela’s is the premium retail destination for American sportsmen and outdoorsmen,” said Paul Lemke, CEO of PolyCase.

“PolyCase’s partnership with Cabela’s represents our first foray into the large footprint retail market and we could not be more excited. The Inceptor ARX is the newest premium self-defense ammunition and fits perfectly into Cabela’s shooting and hunting market segment.”

PolyCase Ammunition ARX Ammunition
PolyCase Ammunition ARX Ammunition

About PolyCase Ammunition

PolyCase Ammunition develops, manufactures, markets, and sells world-class, patent-pending, small arms ammunition and projectiles used by discerning professionals and sport shooters. Made in the USA, using over ninety years of advanced design, materials and manufacturing experience; our twenty-first century products are designed to provide the performance and consistency expected by our customers.

The PolyCase Ammunition team consists of experts in chemical, mechanical, advanced materials and industrial engineering, ammunition research, development, testing and evaluation, precision manufacturing, marketing, and U.S. domestic and international sales. We have proudly partnered with other industry leaders to provide our deserving customers with ammunition manufactured using only the most effective components.

For more information: www.polycaseammo.com

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Rick Hochmann

These ARX rounds remind me of the Bowling Pin rounds of the 80’s. Awesome looking. However, as with the Hornady ammo I need to see post shooting physical damage reports on the victims. Now retired from L.E. I am out of that loop. I need to know what the ammunition will do on human targets. I have never known anyone who was attacked by a blob of gelatin. Y’all take care.

Sgt of Marines

I was attacked once, I fought the gelatin all night long while in the hospital recovering from complete shoulder reconstruction. Finally I prevailed but I have Never eaten orange Jello again

John Snyder

I tried a box of the 9mm today and after about 15 rounds had a FTE. I tried to eject the fired case by cycling the slide several times but to no avail. The case would withdraw about half inch and then the extractor would pull free of the case rim. Had to come home from the range as I had nothing to drive the case out of the barrel with me. When I got home, I used a pistol cleaning rod and was able to drive the stuck case from the barrel by striking the cleaning rod with my… Read more »

Hector Enamorado

The majority of ammo websites have your advertisement of the Inceptor ARX but when I tried to order all I see is “Out of stock” what’s going on? Why so much ads about your products and no way to buy it? Don’t your distributors have their own websites? I checked Cabela’s and they do not have it. Is this some kind of joke? A new trick in advertisement? Why can’t you sell it directly to the public? AmmoLand has a huge display of Inceptor 9mm Luger Ad but no way to order it. And so are the other ammo sites.… Read more »

mac Brunson

How about 1omm ammo