Prois’ from the Ladies Room – Talking Turkey in Texas – Say That 3 Times Fast

By Kirstie Pike, CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

Prois' from the Ladies Room - Talking Turkey in Texas - Say That 3 Times Fast
Prois’ from the Ladies Room – Talking Turkey in Texas – Say That 3 Times Fast
PRÓIS Hunting And Field Apparel

Ozona, TX -( Hunting Rios in Texas. Who doesn’t want to do that? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

I look forward to hunting Rios each spring with my friend and outfitter, Greg Badgett of Double B Outfitters near Ozona, Texas. I’m not so sure he considers me a friend, but he’s not here as I write this so he can’t complain. Sue me, Greg.

You might be asking yourself what makes hunting at the Double B so extraordinary. You might not. You may be asking yourself what you will make for dinner. You might be asking yourself where you put your keys. You might be asking yourself why anyone voted for Obama. You might not. But given the fact that you are still reading, I am assuming you are hanging on my every word. Thank you.

The first time I hunted with Greg at the Double B I had only hunted turkeys a handful of times. While I view sitting quietly for any amount of time longer than 10 minutes akin to being water boarded I do love hunting turkeys. I had mentally prepared myself for my ritualistic turkey hunting maneuvers which include but are not limited to the following; mouth breathing, head bobbing, finding new ways to rejuvenate the blood flow to my lower extremities without any visible sign of movement and creative face paint application. I charged my iPhone, packed a book and prepared to face the agonizing task of sitting quietly. AKA- water boarding.

I was completely surprised when we spent the entire day on foot in hot pursuit. We put on miles and got into turkeys left and right. I was not relegated to a blind for hours at a time. I didn’t have to contemplate the long term side effects of having my butt fall asleep. I didn’t have to take boring selfies and put them on Facebook. I didn’t read. Not. One. Word. That first hunt at the Double B resulted in my first Rio, a gorgeous tom, and I vowed to come back each spring. Not that Greg really wanted me to but he is just polite that way.

This spring was no different .We logged a whopping 8 miles that first day and I couldn’t have been happier. Well, except that I had no turkey, but that was only because Greg doesn’t know how to call. Ok, that’s not true at all but I just wanted to see if you were still with me. He is a turkey calling Super Genius. On the next day of the hunt I had the good fortune to hit the canyons for a beautiful Spanish Goat that Greg unfortunately had to carry out of the canyons. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the goat made him stink. Sorry, Greg. But you did smell like dead goat.

Our last day of hunting was fantastic. In the lulls of passing time, I was able to take two javelinas that had the misfortune of ambling past. We later called in a group of toms that all came through strutting and strumming. It was singularly the most beautiful sight. I had never been set up in front of that many turkeys before. I took a beautiful double bearded tom but not before we had to artfully switch places due to the fact I insisted on NOT sitting where Greg had suggested I sit. I suppose this is sort of a confession.

On the serious side, I truly enjoy the experiences at Double B. Greg and all of the guides have great senses of humor, patience and all are willing to teach. They have to be patient to deal with eight certifiably crazy women at one time. I’m not saying they enjoy it, but I pretend they do. Additionally, the lodging and food is remarkable! Linda and Kendra man the kitchen and if you leave there hungry or skinnier than when you left you must have had your jaw wired shut. We book women’s only spring turkey hunts and fall whitetail hunts annually and pack the joint each time.

For more information about Double B Outfitters, visit: For more information about the Prois Women’s Only Hunt, contact [email protected]

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