Shield Tactical’s John W. Harrington is Running for Congress

Fellow Texans,

Shield Tactical’s John Harrington
Shield Tactical’s John Harrington
John Harrington For Congress
John Harrington For Congress

Shiner, TX -( My wife and I have prayed and talked about jumping into the political arena for some time. It’s not an easy decision, and the next two years will significantly change our lives.

But friends, I’m concerned about the direction of our nation. I am troubled with the lack of principled leadership that we see out of Congress. We need principled leaders to hold back the ever growing federal government.

In 2013, I moved my company Shield Tactical back home to Texas because the conservative principles that we founded our company upon are the same principles that founded Texas and this great nation. Upon returning to my native Texas, I have noticed the substantial need for strong conservative leadership in our state. It is time for Texas to once again take it’s leading role and show our nation what it means to have principled leadership; that stands beside the Constitution and the American way of life.

Would you please consider making a $25, $100 or $250 donation today?

Politicians in Washington D.C. continue to fail us with compromises that are costing Americans and Texans their freedoms. Opportunity will cease to exist as we know it if we don’t elect principled conservatives to represent us in Congress. I have run small businesses and solved problems throughout my life, and I’m ready to serve you in Congress. I look forward to earning your vote.

We cannot do this without your help. My opponent is an incumbent Republican funded by special interests and lobbyists. Please consider making a $25, $50 or $250 donation today.
For Liberty,

– John W. Harrington “JWH”

About Shield Tactical

Shield Tactical is a family business. Though we are not all related by blood, the bond of 2nd amendment supporters is just as strong. My name is John W. Harrington and I am the president and founder of Shield Tactical. I have been involved in student based firearm instruction for over ten years. Over that period of time, my philosophy has been simple – make it about the shooter. Every member of our team has heard me say (more than they care to count) “People don’t come to us to hear about how great we are or what we have done, they come to us for what we can do for them.”

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Me again

It’s going to be hard to become a politician when you’re cheating on your wife. But then again, I guess that is pretty standard in politics


Please consider running for a texas state representative first.

Rob W

my family and I live in California. I met john thru social media
And also following his commitment to the constitution and our
Great country. Our family has thought about moving to Texas for a few years but now we have
Decided to make the move. In part to johns conduct in business and and community!!
He is a great example of an AMERICAN.
Rob W


ill vote for you


John– Who are you running against? Beyond Pro- Gun are you Pro-Christian?
Charlie–East Texas

George McAdoo

Charlie, If you read John’s statement again, perhaps you will take mnote that he said he and his wife prayed about his decision to run for office. Muslim men don’t pray with their wives.

John Harrington

Hi Charlie. I am an evangelical Christian. I am Pro Life and for traditional mMarriage. Small Government, 1st Amendment rights and a strong 2A stance are also part of my philosophy. Please visit my website and check back often as we will be adding to it regularly. Thanks


Robbie Crane

Trying to reach you cuz, will be in Tex on the 26.Tried to call, your cell not in service