SOG Knives Announces Sponsorship of 5K Run & Gun to Honor Vets

Manufacturer to Host Tomahawk Throwing Stage In Annual Home with Heroes Event


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LYNWOOD, WA – SOG® Specialty Knives and Tools, has announced their title as a sponsor and stage host for the 2nd Annual Home with Heroes 5K Run and Gun, held June 6, 2015 at a private ranch in Centerville, WA.

As part of the sponsorship, SOG will host one of the eight stages throughout the course – where participants will be throwing SOG’s Mini Voodoo Hawk at a target.

The Home with Heroes 5K Run and Gun began two years ago, from the minds of Jake Carse, Mark Brinski Kyle Last and Joe Forgione , who wanted to show appreciation to their friends for their service in the military. “As civilians, we wanted to be able to show some of the folks close to us, how much we appreciate their sacrifices, in order to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day,” stated Carse, President of Home with Heroes. “It’s an honor to be able to provide our Veterans with an opportunity to be together in the outdoors, to honor and thank them for their services – to let them know we will never forget their sacrifices.”

What began as an effort to thank friends who served, quickly expanded into a fully functional non-profit, volunteer operation where more than 100 Veterans a year are provided the opportunities to hunt, fish and participate in these types of Run and Guns annually.

Participants of all ages and shooting capacities are invited to attend the Run and Gun; with the first half of the day playing host to the Competition-level Shooters, and the latter half to the novice crowd. Veterans and local police officers will serve as Range Safety Officers, offering advice and their time to all those who run through the course.

“At SOG ®, we maintain an innovative and exciting approach to our products,“ stated SOG® Vice President of Marketing, Nando Zucchi. “We not only want to offer our service members a line of trusted products that matches their performance, but want to personally thank each of those men and women to put themselves in harms way to ensure our safety.”

In its inaugural year, Home with Heroes introduced 35 men and women to the competitive shooting world through the 5K Run and Gun. Each year the organization plans on doubling that number.

Additionally, the organization was able to sponsor 15 veterans to participate in the event – with one of them taking home the overall winning title. This year Home with Heroes will be sponsoring 30 veterans.

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