Sportsman Channel’s “Shed Wars” Leave Teams Stranded in Grizzly Country

Thursday, May 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. –( This week’s episode of Sportsman Channel’s Shed Wars proves shed hunting takes time, dedication and a willingness to risk it all in the pursuit of the finest antlers. All five teams continue climbing toward their ultimate pay day, but two teams – The Grenda’s and Fish – make waves when their shed hunting journeys take unexpected twists and turns. Shed Wars airs exclusively Thursday, May 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Sportsman Channel

Fish Fisher - Shed Wars
Fish Fisher

 This week, Fish Fisher, adventurous as they come when it involves hunting for sheds, hops into a canoe to navigate the shorelines of freezing waters for matching antler sets. As he is rowing, the colorful artist finds luck. Spotting sheds ashore, he quickly paddles to claim his prize. After a successful find, Fisher heads for home, moose antlers in tow, when his canoe suddenly capsizes. The hunter, antlers, canoe paddles and backpack all begin hurtling downriver. Fisher salvages what he can, but without an extra set of clothes, his survival kit and canoe paddles lost for good, he must act quickly to escape the frigid waters, or risk experiencing the unrelenting grip of hypothermia.

“Now, I’m really stranded,” exclaimed Fisher. “Sure I had paddles (moose antlers), but not the canoe paddles. My only option was to try to get out of that freezing water and hike back out.”

Tana Grenda - Shed Wars
Tana Grenda

The shed hunting competition continues for Tana Grenda, on a solo mission to discover sheds in the wilds of Idaho. She searches the hillsides at a steady pace, using an ATV to navigate the terrain. Just as she rolls along to pick up what appears to be a shed in the distance, darkness begins to fall. Grenda reaches the final shed, but when she attempts to start up her ATV to head back home, the engine fails – leaving her stranded. Without food, shelter, or cell phone reception, Grenda must either set up camp for the night, or attempt to travel home by foot – a dangerous feat in grizzly country.

“I’m not worried about having to spend a night out in the wild,” said Grenda. “I’m more worried about my husband, Adam, and what he’s thinking if I don’t show up. I don’t have a tent and I don’t have a sleeping bag and this is grizzly country.”

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Tana don’t look like a happy camper at all !