Victory Archery’s New Rip .204 Gamer Arrow Gives Archers an Advantage in the Field

Superior Engineering Makes the RIP .204 Gamer an Archer’s Secret Weapon for Success

Victory Archery's New Rip .204 Gamer Arrow
Victory Archery’s New Rip .204 Gamer Arrow
Victory Archery
Victory Archery

Poway, CA -( Victory Archery, the company renowned for setting the industry bar in arrow technology and design with its full line of high-performance, 100% carbon fiber arrows, has unleashed its think tank of composite-material engineers to introduce the ultimate in speed and penetration with the Victory RIP .204 Gamer.

Victory offers RIP .204 shafts in three straightness ratings with the Elite serving as the flagship target or hunting model, carrying +/- .001-inch straightness. The Sport features +/- .006-inch straightness and excels as a great all around arrow. However, for the best of both worlds, whether target shooting or hunting, is the RIP .204 Gamer with its +/- .003-inch straightness. The Victory RIP .204 Gamer features plenty of straightness for all and the perfect blend of speed and diameter for deadly accuracy on big game.

The Victory RIP .204 Gamer is the result of countless hours of research and development by Victory’s team of aerospace and composite materials engineers to provide an all-carbon, small diameter shaft that is less affected by wind in flight and maximizes penetration on game. Combined that means increased accuracy and a faster, more humane harvest on game. However, Victory’s RIP .204 Gamer is much more than another small-diameter arrow, it is a highly customizable shooting system.

The Victory RIP .204 starts with 100% Intermediate-Modulus Carbon Fiber for strength and durability that is skillfully crafted to produce a smaller diameter shaft than standard hunting arrows offer. This provides an immediate advantage in both aerodynamics and penetration. Increased penetration is the Holy Grail for bowhunters, but the bane of target archers trying to pull their arrows from high-density 3-D targets. Fear not, Victory Archery manufacturers the RIP .204 with its proprietary Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating finish allowing the RIP .204 Gamer to be easily removed from any target.

The Victory RIP .204 Gamer’s performance can be further customized by using either the indestructible Top Hat Stainless Steel 60-grain insert for increased bone-crushing Forward of Center (F.O.C.) or the slightly lighter 40-grain aluminum insert to pick up an extra 8 to 10 feet-per-second of speed. All RIP.204 Gamer arrows are hand fletched. Besides increased quality control, the shaft’s spine is aligned with the cock vane. Aligning the spine has been a well guarded secret of elite target archers and Olympians for years; Victory Archery simply applies the knowledge and skill to bring that same level of accuracy and tighter groups straight out of the box and into the archer’s hands.

Adding one more element, to ensure each archer’s arrow is customized to the shooter’s goal, is Victory Archery’s selection of nocks. Victory offers three different models for the RIP .204. The polycarbonate standard Bohning A-nock is the lightest at 8 grains, while Victory Archery’s custom-made anodized aluminum R-nock is the most stout tipping the scales at 15 grains.

Splitting the difference at 12 grains is the Accunock, for archers and bowhunters who demand the ultimate in performance.

About Victory Archery

Victory Archery offers a wide variety of products for both hunting and target shooters of all ages including its new-for-2015 model, the Victory RIP .204 Gamer, featuring industry-leading straightness tolerances and unmatched speed, penetration and durability.

For more information about Victory Archery visit, or call toll-free 866-934-6565.

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Craig Gawreluk
Craig Gawreluk
6 years ago

Hello Victory Archery,
My friend Mike Ellig of Black Gold sites swears by your VAP’s, but I hear poor things here in Utah about the outserts robustness and bending issues. Is the RIP my answer? Does the RIP outperform the Gold Tip Kenetic Kaos as they appear to be very similar products, not micro arrows, but smaller diameter then standard arrows which I believe allows me to use any broadhead. Thanks for your response.
Craig Gawreluk