PlotWatcher Pro Trail Camera Captures All Game Movement

PlotWatcher Pro
PlotWatcher Pro

Columbus, GA -( Human sentries can combine caffeine and an iron will to stay awake while on the lookout.

All PlotWatcher Pro needs is its set of eight lithium batteries that can take up to a million-that's 1,000,000-time-lapse photos for hunters. It's not just volume that PlotWatcher Pro brings to the table.

This camera monitors entire food plots and big fields with constant, every-10-second pictures. And with optimized battery life, the PlotWatcher Pro stays on duty for up to four months, capturing those images, before the batteries need to be replaced. When hunters hear that PlotWatcher Pro takes and stores up to a million pictures, they often wonder how long it will take to review the footage and see game animals.

The answer is: Not very long at all. The included GameFinder software with MotionSearch lets the hunter review hours of video quickly and easily find frames in which movement is detected. Other “time-lapse” video cameras save individual image files requiring additional time and processing to get to video format. The PlotWatcher Pro saves images direct to video with Tru-Video. This means hunters can review their scouting videos immediately. No waiting on images to load into their computers. Just watch the video, figure out what the game animals are doing and go hunting.

The newest firmware update for the Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Hd Game Camera ( ) improves picture quality in low light conditions and prevents the camera from creating multiple files for a single day. It's available for free at the website.

Hunters can immediately see the benefits of setting the affordable PlotWatcher Pro up where it will capture all movement in a large field or food plot well before the hunting season. The hunter can then check it weekly or monthly-or even leaving the area alone for three or four months before zipping through captured images to see game movement.

When you want a diligent sentry to watch a big field or food plot, PlotWatcher Pro is up to the task.

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