WWII Vet Beats Would-Be Robber with Cane, Says Next Time He’ll Bring Gun

By AWR Hawkins

Arthur Kamberis
Arthur Kamberis
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- On May 2 2015 World War II veteran Arthur Kamberis walked out of a Walgreens’ store and was confronted by an alleged robber who tried to take his wallet. Kamberis fended him off for a time by beating him with a cane before being aided by a passerby who intervened.

Kamberis–a 95-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire, resident–says he will be sure to have his gun with him next time.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Kamberis arrived at Walgreen’s “about 9 a.m. to pick up his wife’s prescriptions.” He took out his wallet and paid cash in the store.

Upon leaving he was walking through a parking lot and noticed a man standing “about 15 feet” in front of him. He remembered seeing the man inside the Walgreen’s and, about that same time, the man turned and began coming right at him. The suspect allegedly grabbed Kamberis by the arm and began digging around his pockets for the wallet.

The suspect “tried three times” but could not find the wallet because it was in a zipper pocket. Kamberis then began swinging the cane, beating the suspect in the arm and shoulder as the attack spilled into the street.

A driver saw Kamberis getting attacked “in the middle of the road” and stopped to help. The suspect fled.

Back home with “his wife of 55 years” Kamberis described himself as “very, very lucky” and explained that it was not really the money that made him fight so hard for the wallet, but the two photos of his granddaughters he keeps tucked inside it.

Kamberis, a “longtime member of the National Rifle Association,” said next time he walks he will do so with a “cellphone on one hip and his .357 magnum revolver on the other.”

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6 years ago

God bless you sir !