3 Things your Concealed Carry Handgun Cannot Do

A valuable tool, your pistol cannot solve every problem.

Student of the GunBiloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) Recently, we at Student of the Gun addressed the subject of going armed to the zoo, or anywhere else for that matter. With a very quick, easy to follow video we pointed out how a person can be very well-armed, but do so discreetly, even when wearing just a T-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. All it really takes is a bit of forethought.

We pointed out that, as we have been preaching for decades, an armed citizen needs more than merely a firearm to be prepared for the unexpected eventualities the world throws at us. When you step out of your front door, you have control over your actions, but no control over the actions of those you might encounter. Remember, I wear my seat belt, not because I am worried about my driving, it is the amateurs and other maniacs on the road with whom I’m concerned.

Only on the Internet

A short video about concealed carry aimed at the gun culture choir would not seem to be all that controversial or difficult to understand, but we are dealing with the Internet here. The Internet is a wonderful place where people read only the title of an article or video and then write a 300 word comment based on what they gleaned from five words. Better yet, a two paragraph comment based on the image attached to the story. Only on the Internet could a person who admits to carrying two guns be accused of not having enough ammo.

It is not just social media fanatics who offer such accusations. Not so long ago a noted firearms instructor posted an article online offering similar advice. The man in question recommended that rather than carry a tourniquet or flashlight the gun carrier would be better served by adding a spare magazine. The confused expert opined that you need to first deal with what’s trying to kill you. Yep, that is true. Apparently it never occurred to the gunfighter that the thing that might be trying to kill you could be a compromised brachial or femoral artery that resulted from a high speed car crash. But I digress.

The entire article can be found (by clicking here) at Student of the Gun’s official blog site.

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Paul Markel
6 years ago

Copy Editor has been executed.

6 years ago

“then right a 300 word comment based on what they gleamed from five words…”

You mean “WRITE a 300 word comment based on what they GLEANED from five words.”

6 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Jeff, thank you for proving Paul’s point. Ammoland and Paul are taking it lightly, but I clearly believe that you read his article and were only compelled to comment you could make is are misspelling related. This along with others that feel they need to curse out everyone that does not agree with them versus providing facts about a point, is why we pro gunners are looked at as only fanatics and are not taken seriously. Thanks Paul, for taking the time. I got it. SemperFi!