Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Receives 3 New Patents

Brite-Strike Tactical Blue Dot Flashlight
Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Receives 3 New Patents

Plymouth, MA -( Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products Inc. announced today that two key patents on their APALS; All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips, issued and a third on their PISSA/CAPSS perimeter alarm systems.

“We are pleased to have these important patents issued, and have others still pending. These patents bring our US issued patents to 12 and registered trademarks to 20. These, along with our international patents and trademarks give our company an IP portfolio that is unheard of for a company our size,” Glenn Bushee President and CEO stated.

“APALS represent a strong part of our growth strategy and issued utility patents, along with the fact that NSNs (national stock numbers) have been assigned, help assure that Brite-Strike is a sole source provider to the Department of Defense (DOD,) and keep knock-off artists out of the market,” Mr. Bushee stated.

“The opportunity is not only with US and International military forces, but also has huge potential for a variety of consumer sectors,” Mr. Bushee said. “APALS, which provide LED light for up to 200 hours in a light strip no thicker than a credit card, have both steady on, strobe and off settings with a reusable 3M adhesive backing. APALS are perfect for hunting, camping, fishing, boating, jogging, cycling as well as pet and child safety. APALS are considered to be a next generation replacement for chemical light sticks, an estimated $60M business in the US, with both military and commercial applications.”

Brite-Strike offers a growing line-up of products in the APALS family such as APALS- AIR, APALS Line Lights and Solar powered APALS.

“Our PISSA/CAPSS offer low cost perimeter security systems for military, police, campers, hunters, and back-up home alarm systems. They are another unique, patented product in our line-up.” said Mr. Bushee.

Brite-Strike designs and manufactures unique LED lighting products and solutions for the military, law enforcement, hunting, camping, outdoor recreation and marine safety markets. Brite-Strike is considered the innovator in the industry and has patents and patents pending on over 90 percent of its product offerings.

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Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products Inc. continues to be a world leader in new innovative tactical lighting products and LED lighting solutions for law enforcement, military, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Brite-Strike develops products in house from concept, design, development, manufacture and then to market. Brite-Strike has patents and patents pending on over 90% of its product line that is available to law enforcement, military and for outdoor recreation.

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