Concealed Carry Clean-up Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk

Firearm Concealed Carry Clean-Up Bill Passes 43-8

Illinois Carry
Illinois Carry

Shelbyville, IL -( SB 836 passed both the House and Senate over the weekend and now heads to Governor Rauner’s desk.

He is expected to sign the measure which is a list of technical items needed to improve the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. We are disappointed that provisions for non-resident military service members to qualify for CCLs, concealed carry while hunting, and clarification of due process were removed from the bill before it would be allowed to pass to the Senate.

We will need to continue to push for these measures. The following improvements were included in SB836:

1. Provides an appeal process for persons denied a FOID card because of minor developmental disabilities. This is an initiative of mental health professionals seeking to remedy an injustice identified in existing law.

2. Combines the function of the FOID Card and Firearm Concealed Carry License for purchase and possession of firearms and ammunition. Licensees will only need to carry their CCL.

3. Clarifies the “duty to inform”. Presentation of a concealed carry license to law enforcement is sufficient to fulfill this obligation.

4. Clarifies that the waiver of privacy in the Firearm Concealed Carry License application shall be limited to information needed to determine licensee’s eligibility.

5. Allows emergency personnel and peace officers to secure a firearm when deemed necessary for safety.

6. Adds an exemption to the Unlawful Use of Weapons Act to avoid misunderstandings about a Concealed Carry Licensee’s authority to carry a firearm.

7. Allows a licensee to exit his or her vehicle in a restricted parking lot without first unloading, for the purpose of storing the firearm in the trunk. This is the original “safe haven” concept that was inadvertently left out of current law, and provides an increased measure of safety.

8. Allows the sale of long guns to nonresident competitors at the World Shooting Complex, not subject to the 24 hour waiting period. This revenue generating measure is still subject to background checks and other appropriate safeguards.

About Illinois Carry

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004 as a grassroots online action and discussion forum dedicated to advancing the Right to Carry in IL. We fight the battle for freedom on three fronts: the legislative front, the judicial front, and the electoral front.  IllinoisCarry works closely with other organizations in Illinois that are working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois.

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Who I am is not important

You can buy a police costume at the store and with a little bit of effort a fake badge can be attained. Especially in IL where they don’t even wear metal badges on their uniforms.

Including #5 in this bill was a serious mistake and puts cops in danger, rather than protecting them, because a United States Citizen would be right to fire on someone who tries to take their weapon.


Seems like Governor Rauner is headed down the Right Road in this CCL.


when is the deadline for Governor Rauner’s to respond?


Weren’t they also supposed to be removing public transportation from the gun free zone list? What happened to that? Why should CCL holders be the only ones on the CTA without weapons?