Crazy Father Pfleger: Ban ‘High Capacity Magazines’ & ‘Title Guns Like Cars’

By AWR Hawkins

Father Michael Pfleger scheming with fellow gun banner Rahm Emanuel
Father Michael Pfleger scheming with fellow gun banner Rahm Emanuel
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On June 11 2015, gun banner Father Michael Pfleger said it is time to “ban high capacity magazines” and to “title guns like cars.”

According to Fox 32, Pfleger was speaking at St. George Catholic Church when he said, “We should ban assault weapons in America. We should ban high capacity magazines in America. We should title guns like cars in America.”

He also discussed his plan for cutting funds to the “gun lobby” by cutting sales for gun companies:

And when the gun manufacturers make less money, the gun lobbyists get paid less money. So that’s why they don’t want responsibility. That’s why they don’t want to stop easy access. Because it’s a business and nobody wants to touch the money. Well, the hell with the money. Life is more important than money.

It should be noted that the “assault weapons” Pfleger wants to ban are already banned in Chicago. It should also be noted that a Virginia Tech review panel that studied the heinous April 2007 attack on that campus determined a ban on “high capacity” magazines “would not have made that much difference in the incident.”

Elliot Rodger proved this in his May 2014 Santa Barbara attack, an attack in which every magazine in his possession held ten rounds or less.

Pfleger’s recent statements came a week after he said the “NRA will pay for the murder” of children in crime-riddled, gun-controlled Chicago.

(h/t Ulysses Arn)

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The priest should not worry about a Glock but his flock instead.

Bob Shell

Chicago is nothing but a toilet. Just look the mayor a crook to the max. Wonder how many children that priest has molested? Don’t know but with a warped mind such as his —–Need I say more. Chicago hasn’t had an honest politician in decades. However the voters are to blame as they keep putting in the same assholes in spite of the abuse they receive. I will never understand that.


If we are going to start titling guns like we do cars that’s fine as long as the criminal punishment for Murder with cars is the same as murder with a gun. If you go out and kill someone premeditatedly with a gun it is life in prison or the death penalty (which is a joke when we have death row inmates that have been there for 20+ years ) so then if you are drunk and choose to get behind the wheel and drive and kill another person while driving drunk that is the exact same premeditated murder being… Read more »

Michael ring

I’m going to look in to lobbying/PAC/Campaign laws. Pfleger has shown up as a speaker dressed as a priest and identifying as a priest with the anti gun lobby groups and anti gun politicians. Time to see if he/Church is complying with lobbying and election laws.


Looks like the father and the mayor are pretty cozy. Eeew.


Maybe we should start with licensing the private parts of Catholic priests. This would start with getting a DNA profile and investigations looking for any pedophilia tendencies. Did the priest attend a seminary that is populated by homosexuals ? These facts should all be know to parishioners.
Many priests carry a loaded weapon in their pants just looking for a target. Lets regulate them.


I did not see one mention of the criminals who are responsible for the high crime rate. I only see a man of the cloth trying to screw all the hard working, law abiding, citizens. Gun banners, and anti-Constitution idiots, are really very narrow minded. They are just so stupid that they can’t see that their actions only affect law abiding folks, or they just don’t give a damn about the law abiding folks. It is my feeling that all gun grabbers would rather help the criminals, than the law abiding citizens. I hope, with all my being, that that… Read more »


Well this shows that Judeo-Christianity can work together to achieve common goals!
We know that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops set the standard by which Pfleger is merely following, and almost all Jewish organizations, likewise follow the anti-2nd Amendment strategy.

Well as a Christian I can only address the Christian segment and that includes just about every single church in the National Council of Churches, I will go with JESUS who said in Luke 22:35 that we should have a sword, which was the military weapon of its day.


The picture above clearly represents two of Satan’s children. I’m glad I got out of that pest hole called Illinois.


What ever happened to ‘separation of Church and State’? Here’s a priest influencing government policy. Ever notice how Godless Leftists embrace religion when it suits their agenda?


When they pay taxes like every one else then they have a say


If more gun restrictions worked there wouldn’t be as many gun deaths in the cities that have the most restrictions. As for banning assault rifles how many people even have access to the military and police version of the supposed assault rifle? Just one more case of people who don’t know what they’re talking about trying to inflame emotions


All too often these anti gunners would rather blame the tool rather than blaming the person using said tool. A gun is just a tool like any other, you take the ammo out of it and you have a paper weight. Chicago has some of the countries most restrictive gun laws there are and how many gun related deaths are there every year in that city, it is NOT the guns or the gun lobby that is committing these crimes but the criminals that are doing that, if they would go after the gangs and the criminals they could have… Read more »


time to do a background search on this communist scum pedophile priest . DEATH TO THE LEFT !

Charles Keethler

Maybe we should ban priest for all the harm they do to children.


Amen brother!


Just goes to show how liberty is an all or nothing deal. Once we let them start titling cars & issuing drivers licenses we opened the door to them doing the same with guns & gun owners. If you accept govt titling & licensing in one area you don’t have a leg to stand on trying to oppose it in another. Let’s help clear things up by ending titling of cars & licensing of drivers. This is best achieved by getting the govt out of the road business completely. You should support this unless you like the part of the… Read more »


Consider: You don’t need a driver’s license to buy a car. You don’t need to register a car unless you want to drive it on a public road. If you register a car you can drive it in any state. If you have a driver’s license it’s recognized in every State without limitation.


Darren, you need to get your own island. In a nation of millions, freedoms are interlaced with law. Roads, fire and police protection and other infrastructure are an out growth of civilization. limits on the speed of autos on our highways is an example. Titling guns like cars is not necessary, banning assault weapons is not only reasonable but is an extreme likelihood in the near future. If we gun owners do not embrace civilization and the rule of law we are going to lose our rights to own reasonable weapons. All of you guys and gals who say I… Read more »

TSgt B

Well, John, if YOU would do a bit of objective research, and if we had HONEST COURTS, a detailed reading of the 1939 Miller decision would reveal that we do INDEED have the RIGHT to own any gun we want, ESPECIALLY ANY COMMON WEAPON CARRIED BY THE COMMON SOLDIER. According the Miller, the MOST protected weapons under the Second Amendment are those in common use by regular military forces that have utility in militia service. Hence, not only are so-called “assault weapons” greatly protected by the 2A, so is the full auto version known as the M-16/M-4.

wodrpUSMC 1970-1974

Hey, TSgt., that would also mean the M-14. That’s what I qualified with and I think it’s a great rifle.


Michael Pfleger needs to mind his own business , worry about his “flock” not about the right to bear arms.