Donald Trump Voices Support for the Second Amendment in Presidential Run Announcement

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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New York, NY –-( Today Donald Trump announced he is running for President in 2016.

We have to give Trump props as he is the only GOP candidate to voice his commitment to the second amendment and self defense in his very first mention of running for the presidential election in 2016.

Toward the end of his rambling announcement he said:

“[I] Fully support and back up the Second Amendment.


Now, it’s very interesting. Today I heard it. Through stupidity, in a very, very hard core prison, interestingly named Clinton, two vicious murderers, two vicious people escaped, and nobody knows where they are. And a woman was on television this morning, and she said, “You know, Mr. Trump,” and she was telling other people, and I actually called her, and she said, “You know, Mr. Trump, I always was against guns. I didn’t want guns. And now since this happened” — it’s up in the prison area — “my husband and I are finally in agreement, because he wanted the guns. We now have a gun on every table. We’re ready to start shooting [in self defense].”

I said, “Very interesting.”

So protect the Second Amendment.”

The following video contains his entire remarks, including those about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms at time mark 49:31.

It should be noted that both Donald Trump, and his sons, are members and great supporters of the NRA, appearing at the recent 2015 NRA national convention.

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According to Bob Owens, Editor of, Donald Trump could possibly do away with the 2nd amendment. Read up on what Bob Owens has to say before you cast your vote.


why Trump should be President.
1) hes NOT a politican
2) hes an American who TRUELY loves America
3) Pro 2nd amendment AND all constitutional rights
4) He CANT be bought by rich americans or foreign governments
5) he will look out for and take care of number one (America) FIRST.
6) He reminds me of Ronald Reagan – The best Commander in Chief so far in my lifetime (I’m 54) Who was in the beginning NOT a politician also.


Donald needs to run on things like, natural resources , slowing up population growth, keeping flood waters onground not in the ocean, stop Washington big money lobbing , rebuilding the U.S.A. into a world power again, stop a handful of people that cry from running the country. so many politicians run for personal gain and do not care about us

rick narus

Mr.Trump has a deep love for this country. He appreciates what this country has given him. He understands that the Constitutional guarantees that we are all blessed with should NEVER be weakened!


Trump while on the outside has a small chance on getting the nomination,
he may very well get it if enough citizens are fed up with the other candidates and
the same old stuff that has not worked for 30 years.

They were all scared of Ross Perot.

I would like to see our Govt cut back and eliminate all the monetary aid that gets sent out to other countries.

We need to take care of our own first, including our veterans and seniors and I do not mean welfare.


A-men to that! You said it very well.

Bob Shell

I heard his speech & I like it for the most part As or the 2’nd I would like to see him donate big bucks like Bloomberg does for the left. I don’t see him getting the nomination but he is a breath of fresh air as opposed to hot air most of them spew all over the place.

Rich Bisordi

You are the best! You are exactly what this country needs to bring it back to being the greatest nation on earth. May the good Lord bless you and grant my prayers to have you as our next president.


Go Donald Trump. I trust you far more than any other candidate. We need someone, other than a politician, to
bring this country back to high status. That is something hillary will never do.


While I respect Thunders opinion, that is exactly what it is an opinion, which I totally disagree with his logic and obviously is ignorant of what an AR is it is a simi auto which is like all other simi’s it just has a different look he does not like, the fact that it can have a higher capacity mag is probably his real fear of this gun, yet any simi with a detachable mag can be made to have the same high capacity mags, I guess what he really is thinking is all simi’s with detachable mags should be… Read more »


Feel better now? I don’t know about anyone else but I sure didn’t waste my time sifting through all that.


What’s a “Sender come”?


I agree with Tex above–putting your money where your mouth is (when you have so much of both) is a way to prove you mean what you say.


Uhhhh maybe not so much if this is true:

Quote “The Republicans walk the NRA line and refuse even limited restrictions. I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within seventy-two hours if a potential gun owner has a record.”

Thats no someone that gets my vote…


The term assualt weapon was coined by dianne Frankenstein back in the mid 90s, the thing is true assualt weapons have not been allowed to be sold in this country for about 50 or 60 years now. What they call assualt weapons are nothing more than semi auto and nothing more, one trigger pull one bullet, nothing more.


Bandit, folks like Thunder use the term assault Weapon because they have not spent enough time reading to
understand the difference between that and semi-auto, or are a full supporter of obama and the liberal left. Facts
have never mattered to liberals.

Shake Off The Bull

Ya’ll, folks like Greg and Bandit have reading comprehension issues. Thunder quoted The Donald and linked to the original article. Yet yahoo’s here are responding to Thunder as if those were his own words. Go back, read the post again, offer your apologies and direct your comments to Flip-flop Trump. Or….act just like a libtard and get all offended that you’ve been called out.

Marvin Harrison

No, assault rifles are black, everyone knows that. Paint them pink and they are much safer.


Trump says hes all for the 2A ! I sure as hell wish he would put as much money into the pro-gun side of the issue as bloomberg/soros do to eraticate the 2A !