GideonTactical Now Features MIL-SPEC MONKEY (MSM) Morale Patches

MIL-SPEC MONKEY Morale Patches
MIL-SPEC MONKEY Morale Patches

USA – -( GideonTactical, the top-tier source for all things tactical, is proud to offer a large, varied selection of all-new MSM Morale Patches.

Often displaying humorous, tongue-in-cheek, and sometimes snarky verbiage, these colorful, elaborate patches are designed to bring smiles to the faces of military, law enforcement, and other uniformed service members who find themselves in unfortunate situations.

Other patches range from political to practical: Some depict the U.S. and Canadian flags (separately), while others emphatically describe certain ailments of the wearer (“Penicillin Allergy”) or denote a specific title (“Medic”).

“These patches are the most popular and recognized properties in their brand,” said Law Enforcement Specialist MacLain Brostrom.

“They are very well-received by members of the military, law enforcement, and even weekend warriors.”

In addition to the patches’ visually compelling depictions – a formidable dragon head or a blood-red and black Viking warrior, just to name a few – they are durable and clean, with Velcro sewn on the backs. They also come in a variety of sizes, depending on what item they will adorn: hat, bag, jacket, or uniform, among others. MSM Morale Patches are either embroidered or PVC.

In addition to designing morale patches, t-shirts, and other tactical gear, MSM also produces no-nonsense, high-quality reviews of gear from several quality designers and manufacturers.

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“GideonTactical is committed to serving the needs of operators and shooters who require more specialized gear,” said Jim Witmer, CEO and chairman of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. “We have experienced increasing demand for more specialized products involved in special tactical operations and in use within the shooting sport world as well. Today, GideonTactical is positioned to meet those demands.”