GOP Reps To Block DOJ’s Backdoor Gun Control

By AWR Hawkins

Loretta Lynch
DOJ head, Loretta Lynch, no that is not a swastika necklace..?
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Republican Representatives are preparing to use a funding bill to roll back some of the Department of Justice’s backdoor gun controls and to completely block the implementation of others.

On May 31 2015 I reported the DOJ’s plans to circumvent Congress with ‘more than a dozen’ new gun control regulations. These include new limitations on who can buy or possess guns, new reporting requirements for gun dealers, and new controls on certain types of firearms. The controls also add a whole new category of persons who have to undergo background checks when estates hold National Firearm Act guns in trust.

But House Republicans are planning to stop the backdoor gun control push via riders attached to funding legislation now under consideration.

According to The Hill, the GOP-attached riders mean the DOJ cannot get the money it needs “unless the Obama administration backs down from certain gun regulations.”

Democrats are outraged that the gun control agenda is being opposed, with “more than 100″ Democrat Reps writing House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) to complain.

Representative Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) said, “These polices prevent thoughtful debate and consideration of our nation’s gun policies, which at present allow tens of thousands of people to die from gunshot wounds each year.”

And Representative Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) said:

Once again the Republicans are governing dangerously by planning to offer a poison pill amendment that jeopardizes the safety of our law enforcement and first responders. Congress should be passing common-sense gun safety laws to save lives and keep our men and women in uniform safe – not caving to the reckless demands of the gun lobby.

The GOP-attached riders reach back far enough to roll back gun controls implemented by the DOJ in the wake of Fast and Furious–a DOJ operation designed to cause chaos on the U.S./Mexico border and justify more gun control.

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The Cruz/Perry ticket,or possibly vice versa,will end all the bullshit going on in this country ! Hillary don’t stand a snowball chance in hell of occupying the White House ! (does that bitch ever tell the truth about anything ? ) I do kinda wonder what kind of first lady Bill would had made though ! ‘Texas like a whole other country’ !


Good ole democrats, they are all locked on to the notion of dismantling the 2nd Amendment. So what happens after that happens? The democrats will start on another, working toward the Constitution becoming nothing more than a doormat. There is one goal of the democrats, and that is control of your everyday life. Complete control. Sheep dogs, unite.


Texas is just about ready to secede from the the former USA anyway.

Grey Beard

Drastic measures are needed to right a sinking ship of state. The DOJ needs a whole Raft of Special Prosecutors assigned to bring some sense of lawful duty to the place. Holder, Lynch, and about 90% of upper and mid level management subjected to their individual Special Prosecutor for investigation, and trial as warranted. 100% of the additional employees hired by the little king and his minions summarily dismissed and banned from public service for life, even after their release from prison following trial. Fire ALL political appointees who were appointed under the reign of our little king. The EPA… Read more »


Frigging seriously? Those 2 comments made by Demrats from NY should be slapped!! Have they been hiding under some rock the past year???? Oh they wanna pass it to keep LEO’s safe huh?? Why don’t they keep their damn mouths shut & quit stiring the shitpot up!!! They are the DIRECT reason LEO’s & 1st responded lives are in jeipardy @ Bloomturd & Soros paying professional protestors to get violent against who these Democrats want to supposedly protect??? Why not go after the GD criminals who commit the damn crimes! Stop taking the side o scumbags when officers try to… Read more »


I cannot trust what Wildbill says. 2 party sys., corporations, America with a K and to take back YOUR country.
Sounds as if he is not a citizen.

Derrall W

It amazes me that so much time is wasted by legislators on gun control when alcohol is responsible for so many tragedies each year. How many families are there affected each year by alcohol? How many car wrecks each year occur due to alcohol and how many people especially children are killed in these crashes? How many children are they beaten and murdered because of alcohol? How many people are in prison because of alcohol? And the list goes on for any and all alcohol related instances. When do we as a society get our priorities straight and legislate the… Read more »

Robert McKenna

“Tens of thousands of people to die from gunshot wounds each year.” Is Rep. Maloney talking about the
victims of isis ?
Or is she just using her usual grossly inflated, imaginary numbers to lie again ?


They include the thugs that get killed by police in robberies , car jackers that got killed a concealed carry. etc. One list included terrorists including the Boston Marthon bomber.

Loyde Williams

What I’m saying applies to more than just gun haters, mostly liberals with all their attacks on the Constitution Bible etc. Get out of this country if you don’t like our laws and religion. You can find a place in Russia, China India and such like. If you are Muslim go back to where you cam from and leave is freedom loving people alone !!!! Hot Dog !!


Democrats should take a bow for being able to keep a straight face while telling all the lies they come up with. I wonder if they are born liars and cheats or do they learn that from their parents? But of course, politicians are never responsible for the problems they create such as obamacare, the budget deficit, etc. They are only responsible for themselves and ripping off the American taxpayer by giving themselves perks most everybody else has to pay for and giving away taxpayer dollars to their favorite charity – themselves and illegal immigrants who vote them back into… Read more »


Just where do they get the numbers that theycalways throw around, the tens of thousands each year number sounds like a world wide number, last time I heard it was less than 5,000 per year, if you look up the numbers you can fine them on the fbi data base, those numbers are actually going down, the number of highway deaths is on the rise and last year there where something like 36,000 or more killed on the nations highways. The demoncrates are always screaming for more gun controls but then they say nothing about the drivers out there that… Read more »

Jesse Scott

Heh, ‘policies’ kill people? I never knew.


This is why you get you rights not from man but God… Jesus first message about leaving his disciples were to GET A WEAPON NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE TO SELL…. the leaders hate him for that……. and the pope is also against this command of common sense….. you cant depend on men to carry your rights for you.


No one in government has any common sense or decency. They’re all scum of the earth and do not deserve the air that they breathe. They have all betrayed the American people and will continue to do so. The only hope of a just government is to start anew and do away with the so called two party system as it never has been a two party system because they all work for the same master, Corporations. Wake up Amerika and take back your country at the polls.


Given Democrats/Progressives routine Orwellian doublespeak, I cringe everytime one of these crooks uses the term “common sense” – because you know it’s guaranteed to be yet another covert attempt to steal liberties or impose greater central control

In Washington “common sense” really isn’t very common – the place is so full of corrupt self serving power mongers that the public good or constitutional limitations and requirements are rarely even considered


Our rights are not up for debate, thoughtful or otherwise!! Get that through your thick skulls, you tyrants!


are your rights up for debate? Well YES if you call them “RIGHTS” and those come from where? The government, and if they give you your rights then they are in charge of what you can and cannot do and it should not be so.




Actually our rights do NOT come from the Govt. What the Govt. gives is called permission, rights are inherent to us as human beings and predate any Govt.

Dr Dave

Are you serious! The 2A along with the rest are called inalienable rights given to you by GOD as a result of your existence. No GOV can take them away let alone alter them. Hello if they were government given they would have been removed a long time ago by some politician spouting stupid solutions to temporary problems
We have the right to free speech religion and gun possession because GOD determined the list to be essential for all to survive in a free society without interference or pressure

Street Survivor

The republican’s will fumble the ball. And fail the Founder’s Republic yet again. They won the House and the Senate. And yet Obama care didn’t get rolled back as they promised !!! And now we have TPP ,thanks to Mitch McConnell. Nafta, Gatt ,Uruguay Rounds Destroyed manufacturing in America. Thanks to[ Hide You’re women folk] Billie Boy Clinton[D] and Newt Gingrich[R]. And the middle class which is dead now. Both parties have sold the American people out.!!! Two wings of the same corrupt bird !!! We are nothing more than ants to those people who rule in the District of… Read more »


Sir …. you might be better informed if you would spend a little time reading our historical documents and perhaps turning off the telly to read American history. Then, if you wish, come back and make a lucid and somewhat intelligent comment. Thank you

Street Survivor

Lets not forget Senator Mitch McConnell [R] allowed Loretta Lynch to be confirmed as Attorney General. Think Eric Holder was bad .. So you think the Republicans our on our side. Take off the rose colored sun glasses.