Gov. Christie: Blame Democrats For NJ Gun Laws, Not Me

By AWR Hawkins

Chris Christie
Chris Christie
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Washington DC – -( On June 9 2105, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) responded to a questions about gun control in his state by blaming Democrat legislators.

According to, Christie was speaking at the Saint Anselm Institute of Politics, where he took questions from audience members.

When asked about the death of Carol Bowne – the Berlin Township resident who was killed in her own driveway while waiting on state permission to own a handgun for self-defense–Christie said;

“I’m dealing with a Democratic legislature — that’s what New Jersey’s given me. They have a very, very different view of the Second Amendment than I do. But they’re going to have to answer for these things.”

He did admit that Bowne’s death will focus attention on gun control for a time, but said he is not sure any real change to the gun control laws will result. He put it this way:

“The Carol Bowne situation is going to force more conversation in our state, although I am not confident that it will change.”

He then cited his pardon of black aspiring cop Steffon Josey-Davis to show that he is trying to intervene for those wrongly burdened by the draconian gun laws in the state.

He said, “No matter what laws [the Democrats] pass, the governor does have the right to look at the administration of justice. And if I think an injustice has been committed, I have under the constitution, pardon power to do that.”

Christie did not mention that a governor also has the right to veto the gun control which Democrats pass.

He said it was a shame New Jersey “is not yet a dictatorship,” as being one would give him the power to unilaterally do away with numerous gun laws in the state. Yet he has previously said he is committed to “strictly enforcing” New Jersey’s gun laws.

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Governor Cristie has already pardoned two individuals that were convicted of the unconstitutional gun laws in N.J. I suspect there will be others in the future. The state is run by democrats, they are responsible for the unconstitutional gun laws that have been in acted in that state. Cristie has alluded to the fact that he will nullify these laws by pardoning every individual that is convicted of a gun violation on a case by case basis.

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Ronald L. Burcham

As governor, Mr. Christie is the CLEO of the State of New Jersey. He took an oath both to the Constitution of the U.S. and his state. If he has read and understands the constitution empowering the federal government he has to be familiar with its Second Amendment. If he is familiar with the Second Amendment he has read its concluding clause, “…shall not be infringed.” The Constitution was written so that any literate person in 1787 could understand its meaning without having to consult with a judge or a lawyer. That could be the key to understanding Mr. Christie’s… Read more »


I learned early to listen to what people say, then compare it to what they do. This guy is for sale. If you want him to do something about the bad gun laws in his state, you’ll need to get the Iowa pig farmers to make him.


There is an easy fix for the Jesery gun laws that the citizen can do him or her self. 1. Ignore the laws and go get a gun someplace else. 2. move. Problem solved


He’s an airbag. Only goes off if theres an accident.


I blame the Demoncraps AND limousine liberals and country club communists in Repugnican ranks; namely, the RINOs like New Jersey’s rotundabundant governor.

Kevin McGonigal

If so, let him prove it by appointing a bi-partisan state commission, including some Second Amendment advocates, to review NJ’s convoluted, arcane and contradictory regulations. Not even most legislators know how contradictory they are. Nor does the public, until they try to legally purchase one.


Actually, Christi HAS vetoed or crippled a lot of nasty anti-gun legislation. Last year’s attempt by gun grabbers to pass a bunch of stuff under Stephen Sweeny’s leadership was shot down by Christi.
Unfortunately, he probably has some administrative power to lighten some of the requirements, perhaps “Jusitifiable Need”, but he doesn’t do so. I’m not a fan, just saying.

John Hardin

Theres alot of legislation that fat slob could had vetoed but didn’t. This POS has 2 chances of becoming president,slim and none !


So says Fatso that never vetoed any of the anti gun bills. He says and does everything for votes .


Well he’s not getting my vote!!


Do your homework Einstein . Gov. Christie vetoed 10 rd mag limit bill last year giving the Libtards a big loss , you could hear them whining lol the way to Conn. C.C. may be portly but he backs 2 a.


Look at the timing for anything he’s done. And how long has he been in office and he’s done exactly how many things that are pro2A? Everything with Christie is politically motivated. As was said before he could have….oh what’s the use, if you believe he’s pro-gun then you probably think Bill Clinton was pro-gun.