Group Defies State Law, Promises No Background Checks at Gun Show

Group Defies State Law, Promises No Background Checks at Gun Show
Group Defies State Law, Promises No Background Checks at Gun Show
Arms Expo
Arms Expo

Yakima, WA –-( A WA State patriot group is hosting a two-day event on June 20th and 21st 2015 at 1 North Fork Ahtanum Road, called Arms Expo 2015, in which private gun sales will take place with no paperwork, no background checks, and noncompliance with new state law.

Imagine a gun show where the only rule is the Second Amendment. That’s what Arms Expo 2015 is being billed as, a Constitutional Gun Show and Liberty Market, where private citizens can buy and sell guns with no background checks, no paperwork, and no hassle.

“The point of Arms Expo is liberty,” said Kit Lange, one of the organizers.

“We have the right to self-defense and the duty to resist unconstitutional law. The expo will allow people to come and not only experience true liberty, but will also learn how to apply that liberty in their everyday lives, network with other like-minded people, and learn some new skills.”

Other activities scheduled include classes on gun safety, building and maintaining firearms, food storage and survival, as well as more advanced classes in gunfighting, intelligence/counterintelligence, militia basics, and much more.

Prominent liberty speakers will be on hand as well, such as State Rep. Matthew Shea, nationally renowned firearms expert Cope Reynolds, and Mike Vanderboegh, founder of the modern III% movement and one of two bloggers to investigate and break the Fast and Furious scandal. Jordan Page, a liberty singer-songwriter, will also be performing a concert at the event.

No Background Checks
No Background Checks

The two-day event offers camping, a family-friendly environment, kids activities, and much more. Tactical Supply of Yakima is also sponsoring a Range Day during the Expo, where attendees can try out a variety of firearms in a safe environment.

The expo is hosted by Liberty for All, a patriot group based in Washington State. LFA III%, as they are called, made national headlines by routinely and publicly defying new state law requiring all firearm transfers and sales to be registered with the state and take place through a licensed dealer. They also forced the removal of a Chinese flag that was flying over the Washington State Capitol building on orders of the governor in April.

Those interested in more information, or who want to register as a vendor, can visit

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What happened to the 2nd Amendment rights in Washington is that the democrats got themselves elected into office there and have tried to become a mini-California ever since. Hopefully the residents will become tired enough of the draconian laws that continue to be enacted there to finally elect a Republican governor

John J. Jones

Every criminal in The Northwest will be attending this one. It will be easier than buying on the street!


Of course that’s never been the case in any other state or any other gun show so either your statement was made in jest or made out of total ignorance. Which?

Anonymous Patriot

You need to stop reading so much propaganda. And if you really buy into the fear pushed on you by the government and anti-gun lunatics why don’t you start carrying yourself and handling your own defense. Then you can help remove some of those criminals you’re so worried about from the street if they attack you.


This will have them gun-grabbing douches flipping out ! Gotta love it !


GOOD on Washington, especially Yakima! SIC’EM!!


Yakima might not get as much of a push from the anti’s due to the different views of Eastern WA (mainly good folk) and Western WA (filled with anti’s and CA transplants). However, if any violations are written or arrests are made then we finally have the ability to fight in court. After all, the I594 appeal hearing was tossed because no one had yet been subject to a violation of it (an extremely poor reason not to judge the constitutionality of this law). Would that I could be there!