Industry Shows Support for National Deer Alliance and North American Deer Summit

National Deer Alliance
National Deer Alliance
National Deer Alliance
National Deer Alliance

Newark, NY -( Over the past two years the North American Deer Summit has met twice to address issues facing deer and deer hunting.

The first Summit spawned the National Deer Alliance (NDA) which led to the most recent Summit where plans were set in motion to address many of the issues threatening deer and deer hunting. The support that has surfaced for this event has been vital to its early success.

“Without the help of a great number of sponsors from across the outdoor community, this year’s Summit would not have been possible,” stated Craig Dougherty, Executive Director of the National Deer Alliance. “The generosity and interest that has been shown by several of the top companies and organizations within the hunting and outdoor industry has been nothing less than incredible and we can’t thank everyone enough for their contributions.”

Top supporters of the North American Deer Summit in 2015 were Bass Pro Shops, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, Whitetails Unlimited, Cabela’s, QDMA, National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation. To view the complete list of contributing sponsors of the North American Deer Summit, follow

In 2015, the event saw nearly 300 participants attend.

“This year’s Summit exceeded last year’s in both attendance and work output,” remarked Dougherty. “We have our sponsors to thank for that and we are looking forward to doing our part to help solve many of the issues facing deer and deer hunting.”

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About the National Deer Alliance

The NDA is dedicated to uniting deer hunters, managers and enthusiasts like never before, and harnessing their combined power to benefit deer and deer hunting. NDA’s goal is to become the unified voice of deer hunters and guardian of North America’s wild deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. NDA fuels passions for deer hunting and conservation through networking, fellowship and education.

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