Islamic Terrorist Attack: Why is Anyone Surprised?

By John Farnam

Sousse, Tunisia Terror Attack
Sousse, Tunisia Terror Attack
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( The Beat Goes On!

At a swanky beachside resort in Sousse, Tunisia, a place most Americans have never heard of, but popular with German, English, Irish, French, and other Western European vacationers, yet another major, but unsophisticated, Islamic terrorist attack took place recently. And, it was just one of several that made headlines within a few days!

At least one terrorist, armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and several hand grenades, wantonly murdered thirty-nine unarmed tourists at a seaside hotel beach, pool, and in the hotel itself. Unknown number of wounded. He had time enough to change magazines several times! He was eventually confronted by local police and shot to death. Others who may have been involved have not been arrested.

The terrorist’s rifle was concealed in a beach umbrella, and, until the shooting started, he attracted scant attention as he casually strolled out onto the sand.

The attack took place during an Islamic holiday, when few Moslems were likely to be at the beach, or the hotel.

The result of the attack is predictable:

Dead Tunisia Muslim Terrorist
Dead Tunisia Muslim Terrorist: He was eventually confronted by local police and rightfully shot to death.

Surviving tourists are departing the area as if fleeing the plague! Tunisia’s entire tourist industry is completely collapsed in a matter of a little more than a day! There is a virtual army of newly-unemployed hotel and restaurant workers, growing by the hour!

What happened in Sousse will likely continue to happen anywhere in the world American and Western European tourists gather, even within CONUS.

Such attacks require little planning, and in the Islamic world there is no shortage of volunteers!

All Westerners are in grave danger, even if most still don’t realize it, or don’t want to face facts!

I’m currently advising students against offshore vacations. Even when vacationing domestically, alertness, independent mobility, and the capacity for an instant, lethal response still represent your best protection.

For one, I don’t go places where I can’t be armed. Heavily armed!

You wonder what it was like living in Rome in 495AD? Look around you!


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  • 3 thoughts on “Islamic Terrorist Attack: Why is Anyone Surprised?

    1. Thee are so many things wrong in this comment, that I don’t know where to begin:
      First off, There is a TREMENDOUS shortage of “local terrorists like Timothy McVeigh.” In fact, there are NO others that have yet tried to emulate his actions. While he was certainly reasonably characterized as a “local terrorist” since he clearly WAS trying to motivate governmental change with his destruction of a government building, and the murder of many government employees who were presumably innocent of anything other than working for the government, his actions were clearly political in nature (he was responding to the government’s illegal assault on the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, and their murder of many innocents therein). “The kid who shot up Charleston,” hardly comes up to McVeigh’s mark. He was closer to Charles Manson both in the nature of his actions and in his reported rationale for them. He has also had about the same degree of success as Manson did in igniting a race war.
      Second, the idea that you can’t be focused on guns and/or war and promote peace is ludicrous on its face. In fact, there has never been any society that successfully promoted peace EXCEPT by preparing for war, and making obvious that war would be too costly to attempt. The old bumper sticker to which you refer was as wrong then as it is today.
      Third, your supposed knowledge of trophy hunters is stereotypical bunk, and way off the mark, as is your vague reference to some sort of “general personality type.” There is NO common “personality type” that I am aware of among trophy hunters. They certainly are not all (or even mostly) “angry at the world,” or always in need of an adversary. The ones I know personally are very peaceful folks who generally fo out of their way to avoid conflict. Most are pretty scrupulously law-abiding as well.
      Fourth, I suspect from your reference to “gun nuts,” followed by all your inaccurate generalizations, that YOU may have more in common with ISIS than most of them. I know lots of folks who shoot (hunters, target shooters, hobbyists, folks interested in self-defense, etc.), whom you would probably gather under your “gun nut” umbrella, who are less likely than you apparently are, to characterize the world in dichotomous “we’re good, they’re bad” type terms. Even those who might do so, are generally very “live and let live” type folks, who are willing to let you do whatever you want, so long as you don’t hut, or interfere with the freedom of, others in the process.
      Fifth, you say it is “not convenient to admit” essentially that the problem is “gun nuts.” Actually, it is very EASY to “admit” that. It is the standard approach of the liberal left around the world. “Admitting” that the problem is “gun nuts” exonerates all the rest of you socially irresponsible folks who are unwilling to consider feasible solutions to the problem. in fact, if guns had been allowed in the Charleston church, and anyone there had been socially responsible enough to be armed, the shooter would have, at the very least (even if no one actually hit him), had to contend with dodging incoming fire while he was trying to kill those people. There is no way this could conceivably have INCREASED his accuracy or success rate, and it would virtually THAT is what so many actually find it hard to admit. Am I “blaming the victims?” Perhaps, to some extent at least, and maybe that’s why it is so hard for people to admit. I agree that the majority of the blame lies with the murderer, but consider: if you were hit by drunk driver and killed, and you had refused to wear the seatbelt that might have saved your life, then while the drunk bears most of the blame, YOU also bear some blame for not doing your part to protect yourself.

    2. It’s not convenient to admit, but gun nuts in America share the same mentality as ISIS in some ways. It’s easy to say “we’re good, they’re bad!” but it’s not that simple. An Alabama redneck had been born into a desperate Muslim nation might take up their cause just for the sake of “shootin’ stuff” and being angry at the world. That general personality type always needs an adversary and isn’t content with peace. Many of them get off on trophy hunting animals.

      There’s no shortage of local domestic terrorists like Timothy McVeigh and the kid who shot up Charleston. A general obsession with weapons adds to the global violence level. You can’t be constantly promoting guns and claim to be all about peace. Look up the term “cognitive dissonance” or heed the old bumper sticker: “You Canot Simultaneously Prevent and Prepare For War”

      1. What kind of kool-aid are you smoking??? Your liberal rant is all conjecture not based on any facts whatsoever. Not even close.

        More people are saved by the use of legal firearms every day than are killed by murderers. Many times more. And what about your precious bastions of liberal mecca like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Ferguson? Multiple shootings in those places of liberal paradise EVERY day by illegal aliens, blacks, gang bangers, etc., yet you ignore those liberal controlled cesspools.

        99% of mass-shooters in the U.S. are liberal democrats. Almost all of them are on prescribed anti-psychotic drugs. It is all well documented and publicly available information.

        Unfortunately, you, along with liberal media, only prefer to scare people with your accusations and misdirection of the truth. Guns don’t kill anyone. Flags don’t kill anyone. Liberals kill people because they are sick and need mental help.

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