ISRA Statement On Proposed Closure Of Sparta World Shooting Complex

World Shooting Complex
World Shooting Complex
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –-( As many of you have heard by now, budget cuts proposed by the Rauner administration include the elimination of the World Shooting Complex located in Sparta, Illinois.

Among other things, the World Shooting Complex is the home of the Amateur Trapshooting Association‘s(ATA) Grand American trapshooting championship.

For almost a decade, the Grand American has poured better than $15 million annually into the Sparta-area economy.

The ISRA along with other organizations worked hard to get the World Shooting Complex constructed and even harder convincing the ATA that Sparta was the place to bring the Grand American. Certainly, the closing of Sparta complex would be a serious blow to the shooting sports and to the economy of Southern Illinois.

Of course, there are some people who are salivating over the prospect of Sparta “going away.” The gun-grabbing contingent of Chicago and suburban legislators are busily pushing for the closing of Sparta so that their patronage-laden follies will be spared any cuts.

September 1, 2015 has been designated as the day that the World Shooting Complex will close.

Between now and then, the ISRA will keep you informed as to the status of the complex and what you can do to preserve and protect this valuable asset to the shooting sports.

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  • 9 thoughts on “ISRA Statement On Proposed Closure Of Sparta World Shooting Complex

    1. I grew up In Vandalia and recently return for a visit. I surprised to find the ATA facilities deserted and the Gran American moved to Sparta, Ill. My question is: How is the ATA get into this mess? They are in a state that is anti-gun and seems not to know how to honor a contract? If it is possible to move back Vandalia then they should even it means an off year for the move. If Vandalia will take them back?

      I wish everyone the best and good luck, I know the sport is in good hands.

    2. As always, the ATA will do whatever the ATA administration wants to do – no matter what the shooters think. No one I know (and I’ve been heavily involved in ATA trap for many years) wanted to move to Illinois – especially Sparta. Don’t get me wrong, the complex is great, and Sparta is a really nice little town; it’s just not set up for a large event like this. I have to drive an hour each way to a decent motel, and once you are in Sparta, there is nothing other than a couple of small restaurants that are extremely good – but extremely hard to get in. I waste more gas and time driving to and from competition, and even if I did own a camper, I wouldn’t want to stay on the grounds with nothing to do. Lets face it, Sparta is hot, humid, has no shade, and is in the middle of nowhere. Besides, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would advocate a shooting complex in a state that doesn’t even recognize my carry permit????!!!

    3. I don’t think this is a budget issue. The money this place brings to the local economy is unbelievable. I think it is a gun control issue for illinois. I have never seen any safety issues there and everyone is very nice and courteous. If it is a good thing and people enjoy it the government is going to ruin it.

    4. Every year I come here for the sctp national championship, to the it close would make me really sad, I thoroughly enjoy everything there, and Nationals is what I look forward to every day of the year

    5. Who would sign a new 10 yr lease on a camping spot knowing that there is a possibility of loosing all their money. We need some commitment that this won’t happen.

    6. Why is any government entity involved with a shooting range (except for military and police training)? The whole idea seems to be fraught with political tomfoolery (budget cuts, restrictions, cutting deals for political donors, etc.).

    7. It is a shame. Most of the industry was strongly against Sparta. It seamed no matter what was said, what made sense and that it made no sense it went there any way. It is a clear sign someone making the deal had something to gain. It is a clear sign there was money or a personal gain was a larger factor than the advancement of the sport.

    8. It is a shame that the ATA moved from Ohio that supports the shooting industry and moved to an anti-gun state like Illinois. Perhaps the board of ATA should admit to their mistake and come back to Ohio. We certainly would welcome them and I for one would do what I could to help them get support from the State legislature.

    9. I thought there was a ten year lease negotiated betweeen the ATA and Sparta back in 2007. Also, I can’t believe the ATA would build it’s Hall of Fame building on the grouds of the WSC without some formal agreement between the ATA and the WSC.

      If these are the case how can the Governor close the operation.

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