Morrell Half Back Target

Morrell Half Back Target
Morrell Half Back Target
Morrell Targets
Morrell Targets

USA -( 3D targets are bulky and difficult to move which is why many bowhunters don’t bring them to hunting camp.

Along with being bulky, 3D targets can be expensive.  

However, the reason bowhunters love 3D targets is because they provide realistic practice.  When shooting at a 3D target, the bowhunter must pick a spot, aim, and shoot.

Morrell Targets has a new target called the Half Back that eliminates many of the problems associated with 3D targets. The Half Back is a portable target that comes with an anatomically correct vital area that forces a bowhunter to pick a spot on one side and has bulls-eyes on the other sides so bowhunters can shoot at dots. Best of all, the Half Back Target cost about half as much as a typical 3D target.

The Half Back Target comes with an E-Z Tote carrying handle and is fairly lightweight, so the target can easily be transported from the backyard to hunting camp without much effort.

The target is made of Flexback self-healing foam and is weatherproof so the target can take a beating and last a long time. The Half Back target was designed for field tip and broadhead use.

Many bowhunters buy a foam spot target and a 3D target. With the Half Back, you get both for the price of one.

The Half Back target is part of a complete line of bowhunter-friendly targets. To learn more about Morrell Targets, visit

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