Nevada Drops Concealed Carry (CPL) Reciprocity for Michigan

Concealed Carry Reciprocity
Nevada Drops Concealed Carry (CPL) Reciprocity for Michigan
Michigan Open Carry
Michigan Open Carry

Michigan – -( According to Nevada’s DPS Website, Nevada no longer recognizes Michigan’s CPL for reciprocity.

Obviously, we are very upset at this news. 

I have personally confirmed with Mariah Owens of Nevada’s Department of Public Safety that Michigan has been dropped.

I will be contacting Michigan’s Attorney General Office tomorrow to discuss this change and see what they can/will do to reverse the situation.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has been very proud of Michigan’s record of reciprocity.  While there is no guarantees, I’d hope he will work to correct the situation with Nevada.

In the interim, it would be advisable for those who do not posess a permit from another state that is on Nevada’s list to not carry concealed in Nevada.

We will keep you updated with what we find out from Michigan’s AG.


Nevada has just officially confirmed to MCRGO that Michigan is off the list and they won’t recognize our CPLs. The issue is that Michigan’s system won’t communicate with NLETS (National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System) that Nevada and other states use to verify our licenses. Effective June 18th, Nevada will no longer recognize Michigan CPLs. Read: Nevada Out-of-State Carry Concealed Weapon Permit Recognition. We are looking into the reason why. Michigan will continue to recognize Nevada CWPs.

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As of 2016 Michigan is back on the Nevada list so everyone is GTG.


My question is, “Why do any states in this country still have ANY gun laws? Every law that infringes on the lawful ownership and carry of a weapon is unconstitutional and illegal, yet every state has either permit requirements, fees, background checks, or other restrictions. Why haven’t we had a serious revolt and stop ALL of these illegal and unconstitutional activities?


The answer is simple: they take away your rights so they can sell them back to you. It’s not about safety, it’s about revenue generation. Period.


This site does us all an injustice by not listing the states that are currently allowed to carry in Nevada. Or perhaps those that are not, whichever is the shorter list. As an Arizona resident it sucks that I went thru the extra cost and time to get a CCW in Arizona, a state by the way doesn’t require any CCW to carry. I got my CCW so I could carry in Nevada et all. When I asked I was told that Nevada wants everyone to get their license since it means more revenue to the state.


Being part of Law Enforcement means never having to explain your errors.

Robert H.

This is surprising, especially in light if the pro-gun legislation that was just passed in the state. I don’t understand why they would do this. I’ve lived in Nevada for over 35 years, and the local governments have always been somewhat bipolar when it comes to gun rights. Open carry has always been legal, “shall issue” CC permits, no more handgun registration – and now this. It doesn’t make sense.

Bob Shell

I would like to see a logical explanation on why Nevada did that. Explain how that makes anyone safer or a better state. When lawmakers have too much time on their hands we frequently get a lot of stupidity.


I am curious what happened. As far as I know, there have been no changes in the training and qualifications for a Michigan CPL. As a Michigan resident and holder of a Michigan CPL, I can carry in almost every state in the Union, except for the obvious anti-gun states. And Nevada, now, apparently. Michigan will probably continue with it’s habit of accepting any state’s residential CCW permit.


Nevada also dropped New Mexico, but it added 10 states. including Arizona.


I have a resident TX CHL that NV doesn’t recognize. A couple years ago I applied for and recieved a non- resident AZ CCW because at the time I applied NV recognized the AZ license. (I was going to NV for 6 months and wanted to be able to conceal carry) But before I got the AZ license in my hand NV stopped reciprocity with AZ. I also have a FL CWP but NV don’t like it either because it’s issued by the Fl Agriculture Dept. To hell with NV !


Your AZ permit is now good in Nevada. Check the Nevada DPS website (ink supplied above).


Not sure why this happend, but its probably a change in Michigan training standards or acceptance of Nevada’s CCW. Nevada just passed a bill to accept permits from more states.