New Pro-Gun Legislation Targeting Firearms Preemption Law Breakers in Michigan

Teeth in Justice
New Pro-Gun Legislation Targeting Firearms Preemption Law Breakers in Michigan
Michigan Open Carry
Michigan Open Carry

Michigan – -( As you may remember last session, then State Representative Tom McMillin introduced HB 5500 (of 2014) at the 2014 Second Amendment March.  HB 5500 would have added “teeth” to Michigan’s Firearm preemption law.

Firearm Preemption is the idea that only the State government can regulate firearms, to the exclusion of all local governments in the State.

It’s presently codified into Public Act 319 of 1990 (MCL 123.1101 – 1105) and in common law in CADL v MOC.

Presently, there is no penalty for local governments and local government officials who choose to snub their noses at state law.  There are penalties for you and I when we break the law, but no such penalties exist when local government officials knowingly violate this state law.  One very notable violation is the City of Grand Rapids, which has a number of ordinances on the books that are unenforceable.  MOC Vice-President Tom Lambert has been lobbying the Grand Rapids City Council for years to remove their illegal ordinances…pointing out to the City Council the ordinances are illegal and unenforceable — Tom’s efforts have been to no avail.

They simply do not care they are breaking state law.

Sadly, HB 5500 died last session with no hearing, despite Rep McMillin requesting one.  That being said, we have great news!  Rep Lee Chatfield (R – 107th District/Levering) has plans to introduce a redux of HB 5500 very soon.  Last session HB 5500 was they most co-sponsored firearm legislation of the session (at 16 co-sponsors).  We are hoping to out-do that this session — but we need your help!


  1. Find out who is your State Representative
  2. Call your representative right now (phone number is on their website, which you found in step 1) and ask them to co-sponsor Lee Chatfield’s firearm preemption reform legislation.  If you aren’t sure what to say, try this:

Hi, my name is _____________, I live in (Insert name of City or Township you live in) and I am a constituent.  I am calling to ask my representative to co-sponsor Rep. Lee Chatfield’s Firearm Preemption Reform legislation.  Rep Chatfield is presently accepting co-sponsors on this important legislation.  Presently there is no penalties for local governments and local government  officials who choose to flagrantly violate State Law, I think that needs to change and that’s why I’d like my representative to consider co-sponsoring this very important legislation.  Will you please ask my representative to talk to Rep Chatfield today about his firearm preemption reform legislation?  Many other states have laws like this one already on the books and Michigan needs it too!

That’s all you need say — it’s that simple!  Won’t you call now?

Phillip Hofmeister
Michigan Open Carry, Inc.
[email protected]

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