New ‘State of the Sporting Knife & Tool Industry’ Report to Be Published

Past documents have proved to be instrumental in explaining the impact the knife and tool industry has on American jobs and the economy.

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Atlanta, GA -( Preparing to advocate on behalf of the knife community for new legislative initiatives to remove restrictive knife laws, the American Knife & Tool Institute ( has taken up the task of publishing a new comprehensive “State of Sporting Knife & Tool Industry” report.

The past two industry reports have provided an in-depth statistical snapshot of the industry that was crucial data when it came to legislative initiatives. It is invaluable information in discussions with state and federal legislators. The non-profit organization believes the new information being gathered will be even more effective in presenting the importance of the knife and tool industry to decision-makers.

“AKTI-gathered industry-wide information is one of the most important tools we have when talking to legislators,” said AKTI President Rod Bremer. “Legislators find the information contained in AKTI’s report very important in understanding our industry when making decisions regarding proposed knife legislation or supporting removing restrictive laws.”

“AKTI has hired the accounting firm of McGladrey LLP to gather the data and compile it in a way that will be useful when we need such information again to protect our rights to make, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools,” Bremer said, adding that the information would be gathered “independently and confidentially” to maintain the integrity of the data.

According to Jan Billeb, AKTI’s Executive Director, McGladrey is providing an online survey to participants with “questions that will be instrumental in explaining to decision-makers the impact our industry has on the economy and jobs,” adding that, “With the third publication we will also have important trend numbers.”

Bremer and Billeb emphasized that: “AKTI represents every segment of the knife community, from individual knife owners to distributors to retailers to manufacturers and importers,” adding that “Every knife business is a valued contributor to jobs, taxes and economic viability in its city, county, state and region.”

They also point out that there is a further impact because of outside suppliers to knife and tool companies, which include steel companies, machine shops and laser cutters, heat-treaters, handle suppliers, sheath suppliers, chemical and dye suppliers, package suppliers, printers, shippers (including FedEx, UPS, USPS), courier services, publishers, website service providers, independent sales representatives, as well as medical and dental providers.

“Our members understand how crucial knowing the total impact of the industry is to how effectively we can advocate on their behalf, and that their participation is important to the success of the report,” added Billeb.

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