NFA Weapons Now Legal In Texas

Capping A Remarkable Inagural Session For The NFA Freedom Alliance.

NFA Freedom Alliance
NFA Freedom Alliance

AUSTIN, TEXAS –-( In a major advance for owners of guns and accessories regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA), most notably silencers or suppressors, Texas Governor Greg Abbott on May 22 2015 signed Senate Bill 473, reforming the state’s so-called “Defense to Prosecution” (DTP) law.

Texas is the second state this session, following Tennessee, to reform DTP laws at the request of the NFA Freedom Alliance.

Todd Rathner, executive director of the NFA Freedom Alliance, commented, “Because Texas has one of the nation’s highest rates of NFA ownership, this bill was a top priority in our inaugural session. Now, Texans who own NFA weapons will be able to rest easy knowing they aren’t going to be arrested because of a poorly worded law.”

The NFA Freedom Alliance’s other legislative victories this session include:

  • Montana – Passed a law legalizing hunting with suppressors.
  • Arkansas – Passed “Shall Certify” legislation compelling law enforcement to certify NFA forms if the applicant is not a prohibited possessor.
  • Tennessee – Passed DTP reform, fully legalizing NFA weapons possession

Founded in October of 2014, The NFA Freedom Alliance entered the 2015 legislative session with a very aggressive agenda and accomplished those goals with the support of grassroots supporters plus a handful of manufacturers and retailers.

Rathner added, “Now that NFA industry has seen what we can accomplish, we hope that support from the manufacturers and retailers will help us make even greater strides in 2016.”

SilencerCo’s Salvo Shotgun Suppressor
SilencerCo’s Salvo Shotgun Suppressor

These remarkable successes are just the first step for the NFA Freedom Alliance. The NFAFA needs the support of NFA gun owners nationwide, to continue this vital work.

Anyone wishing to see more pro-NFA initiatives like these can support the NFA Freedom Alliance and earn a chance to win an SBR/suppressor combination, by making a donation at

The NFA Freedom Alliance is the strongest direct action/lobbying organization working at the state and federal level to ease restrictions on the ownership, manufacture, sale, and use of items regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

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Polo Sanchez

One question. My is a felon , she takes responsibility for what happened when she seventeen years old. But in twenty years has not seen a jail cell. My worries is her job has in a high crime Urban area.
I want her to carry a gun . She doesn’t want to see cell or me to see one as well. What do y’all recommend

Troy J

After five years she can own a weapon and after ten depending on the crime she can have her LTC.


Most don’t understand affirmative defense , the same problem we have currently in Alaska. It basicly allows an officer to arrest you take your legally owned NFA item , possibly never to be seen again , until you go to court to prove you legally owned it. Problem lies in that evidence does get destroyed , lost and stolen. Furthermore a police officer asking to prove its legal is actually breaking tax laws by asking for personal tax information without a warrant. They can ask for a serial number call tha BATFE and get current status but they wont. The… Read more »


I am sure happy for this victory. We can have quiet shootouts in Texas now. We just need to get silencers on those Harleys.


I suppose if you don’t like loud Harley’s you might try living in say NY or CT?


Or Denver.


Naw, send his but to Chicago.


Not to Waco !




NFA weapons now legal in Texas ? I got my first SBR in 2010,an AAC 762 silencer last year,and I’m waiting on my stamp right now on a lower for another SBR (300 BLK) build. I don’t know how much longer the Obama regime is going to allow NFA trusts. (The boy has still got his phone and a pen) Get em while you can.


It’s not that you couldn’t get them here before. But the state level law on the matter only provided you with a defense to prosecution. Meaning before, rather than being legal outright, it was actually illegal but you are defended against prosecution in the event that someone chooses to press the charge of NFA possession against you. It left open a big loop hole to harass people if you had an agenda.. An NFA dealer from San Antonio got hassled with this for a while before getting it dealt with in court. Glad to see it’s 100% legal now and… Read more »


SOMEONE, EVERYONE, please confirm this thought for me please….. Machine guns- are perfectly legal now in Texas? One could reactivate a parts kit into a live mg now, in Texas, legally?

Yes or NO? Im doubtingly shaking my head from left to right, not being able to believe that one could do this legally now in Texas?

Am I missing something? Please tell me what I am not seeing.

Gregory Romeu

It’s ALL VERY SIMPLE! If YOU are in doubt, THEN DON’T! Just go to any class III or Class VII dealer and they should be able to explain things to you.


TSgt B

No, you cannot. Under the 1986 FOPA signed by President Reagan, all future machinegun production cannot be sold to civilians, and any parts that would allow conversion of a semiauto into a full auto firearm are illegal to possess without BATFE approval. THERE WAS NO GRACE PERIOD, so any NFA parts you may have would be in violation of federal law. The only way(s) to do it would be to buy a previously owned NFA weapon, or become a federally licensed manufacturer My position is this: BFD! So now Texas allows what is allowed under the Second Amendment, but both… Read more »