NJ Woman Stabbed to Death Waiting for State Permission to Own Gun

By AWR Hawkins

Carol Bowne
NJ Woman Stabbed to Death Waiting for State Permission to Own Gun : Carol Bowne
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- On April 21 2015, Carol Browne from Berlin Township, NJ, applied for a license to own a handgun, which she wanted to protect herself from a former boyfriend against whom she had a restraining order.

On June 3 2015 – while still waiting for the state to give her permission to own a gun –Browne’s former boyfriend, Michael Eitel, allegedly stabbed her to death in her own driveway.

According to the Courier-Post, after getting the restraining order, Browne “installed security cameras and an alarm system to her home and began the months-long process of obtaining a handgun.” Browne’s co-workers said, “She got a restraining order about a month ago, and right after that her car windows were broken.”

Browne “had inquired” about the progress of her gun license request as recently as June 1, but the “application process typically takes two months or more as police collect information on the applicant, including fingerprints and reference checks.”

Eitel, Browne’s former boyfriend, is “a convicted felon” who, as of Thursday, had still managed to elude authorities. He pleaded “guilty to a weapons offense in 2008 after being indicted in 2006 on a charge of aggravated assault with bodily injury. He received a five-year sentence for that offense, which neighbors said was related to an assault on a former girlfriend.”

This tragedy is one more example of the foolishness of putting a licensing requirement on the Second Amendment. Like all gun control, it empowers those with criminal intentions while making the vulnerable more vulnerable.

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Grammar lesson.
“while awaiting permission to own a gun, Browne’s former boyfriend stabbed her.”
Browne’s boyfriend wasn’t waiting for permission.


Another very cool thing about the Texas CHL is they don’t have to do the NICS thing. Fill out the 4473, show them your license,pay and go !


The anit-gunnners are contributers in this woman’s death. Once again, Liberal policies kill.


BG – reminds me of when clinton talks with her “southern” voice….. trying to be your friend by giving you a false positive about liberals and guns all the while plotting your destruction…..


There may be more to the entire story than stated here, however, if the facts are essentially true as presented, this nonsense happens across the country in part because there is no personal responsibility within “the system.” We normal folks are responsible for our actions but officialdom is not. Not just the faceless and nameless “state,” but also a number of individuals, by name, should possibly be held personally responsible for aiding and abetting, as accessories to murder. Our nation could benefit from a serious conversation about of eliminating, or at least regulating and restricting officialdom’s privileges and immunities from… Read more »


BG I disagree it has everything with political affiliation and the way you vote.
These polls are getting into office somehow.


shore do mak mi feel smart whin I ketch a spellin erra. how bout u, m r 2 duks


Smitch, Not all liberals are anti guns. You would probably be surprised at the number of people (liberals) who own firearms for protection and for hunting purposes. People everywhere want to be/feel safe. That has nothing to do with their political affiliation. Their attitude and behavior reflects there political affiliation more so. I agree the state ‘screwed the pootch’ on this one. But really,”Liberals meet your maker at the Pearly Gates you will ALL be judged than. THEN means a time, than means rather or other. Simplistically. Really –‘All Liberals Bad, All Republicans good’ grunt, oh, oh ! your narrow… Read more »


Just remember that incest is legal in NJ . That explains things 😉


What ?!?!?

craig mizzera

NJ gun laws work. They save Lives! of the murderer’s…. way to go NJ! This story is a completely avoidable tragedy! Wake up people of NJ, NY and MA!!! Your politicians have made you “tooth-less lion’s”…. my prayers go out to the Bowne family.


Congratulation New Jersey! You owe her family millions! More inportantly when you Liberal’s meet your Maker at the Pearly Gates you all will be judged than!


I hope this gets the state a nice big huge lawsuit for helping to cause the death of this lady,NJ has even worse gun controls than even CALIF has. At least in Calif you can go from the range to your home and not worry about going to jail for it, in NJ if you even get caught with a gun you ARE going to go to jail.

Kevin McGonigal

NJ’s gun laws have done a superb job of disarming the law abiding citizens of the state. Not so much for the bad guys.


I find it hard to believe that fingerprints had not come back, when I applied for my Massachusetts LTC, the prints came back in minutes from the FBI, online.


Alaska , fill out 4473 FFL calls NICS , within 5 minutes , I have my pistol , buy a box of ammo go to my truck load it and stick it in my holster. No permits no licenses , open or concealed . As a law abiding citizen I am allowed to carry , all these other SOCIALIST States infringe on OUR RIGHTS to carry and defend one’s self. As a former NYer , they are the most infringing on the Constitution, NO Ex post facto . making everyones 30 round mags illegal is a fine example of their… Read more »


Expect new knife safety laws to be introduced in NJ fairly soon. To show they mean business they will also make it more illegal to knife to death someone while subject to a restraining order.


If the scum would had beat this poor woman to death with a baseball bat would they go after bats too ?