Pro Series FPS Hunter Arrows with BloodSport Impact Hunter Pro Arrows

Pro Series FPS Hunter Arrows
Pro Series FPS Hunter Arrows

Albia, IA -( BloodSport Pro Series FPS Hunter arrows are designed to help shooters overcome bow hunting’s biggest challenge – judging distance to the target.

These flat-shooting, standard-diameter shafts allow hunters to use fewer sight pins and eliminate misses due to yardage differences. Speed alone doesn’t create accuracy, so Pro Series FPS Hunter shafts feature tolerances so tight that the BloodSport engineering team was forced to design new testing procedures.

The Pro Series raises the standard for hunting arrows. Simply put, they’re straighter and more tightly matched than any other hunting arrow out there. They include BloodSport’s proprietary Rugged Wrap construction process to create the ultimate hunting projectile with an incredible combination of speed, accuracy and toughness. Rugged Wrap creates a thicker carbon wall, resulting in extreme durability.

Pro Series FPS Hunter arrows also incorporate BloodSport’s game-changing Blood Ring technology, which takes the guesswork out of when to begin tracking.

Without affecting arrow flight, the super bright white, textured material of the Blood Ring captures blood as it passes through the animal. Different organs exhibit different blood textures and colors. Bright red, red with air bubbles, dark red or green/brown blood collects on the arrow and lets the hunter know what move to make next.

Pro Series FPS Hunter arrows come pre-fletched with 2″ Blazer vanes and are available in sizes 300 (9.1 grains per inch), 350 (7.9), 400 (7.4) and 500 (6.5).

Pro Series FPS Features:

  • Guaranteed straightness of +- .001″
  • Weight tolerance of just +- 1 grain
  • Rugged Wrap thick-wall construction for durability and accuracy
  • Fly Straight Technology ensures every arrow weighs and flies the same
  • BloodSport Blood Ring provides shot feedback
  • Pre-fletched with 2″ Blazer vanes
  • Flare nocks and inserts included

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About BloodSport

At BloodSport, we are committed to building the most accurate arrows in the world. While other companies count success by the number of shafts shipped out the door, we count ours one arrow at a time. After all, nothing is more important than the arrow you are about to shoot on your next hunt. All of our arrows are hand sorted and graded so that you truly get what you pay for. Great care is taken to ensure that all of our components are matched perfectly with each shaft. While the extra steps we take certainly cost us more than the other guys’ mass production method, the end result is that a dozen of our arrows look the same, weigh the same, and fly the same. If we wouldn’t shoot them ourselves they don’t make it to the store. We make sure you can pull BloodSport arrows out of the box and aim with confidence. Once you shoot our arrows we think you will agree that the extra effort is worth it. At BloodSport, we aren’t trying to be like the other arrow manufacturers, we are working hard to be your arrow company.

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