Redundant and Ignorant Bill is Quashed at Last Minute

Connecticut Carry Stands behind Legislators Who Opposed SB 650

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Hartford, CT -( As the Connecticut General Assembly adjourned on June 3rd, it was clear that SB 650 had been abandoned and left to wither on the vine.

SB 650, which sought to make criminals of regular gun owners that had been accused, without due process or hearing if they did not surrender their self-defense tools was abandoned by Democrats and Republicans alike in the Senate.

Connecticut Carry and the state’s leading firearms law experts like Attorney Rachel Baird have sought to publically educate the legislature regarding the pre-existing ability of the state’s judicial and executive branch to confiscate firearms from people that pose a verified threat to another individual. Instead, many in the legislature have instead invested themselves into following the lies of the anti-rights lobby that seeks to spread these kind of cookie cutter bills across the country since they failed on a Federal level.

The one essential truth of SB 650 is that it would have destroyed the rights of individuals to defend themselves with contemporary tools if they are accused of violence by any single person, including the person that is initiating violence against them. A domestic abuser would only need to know the law to have law enforcement disarm their victim to prepare for their violent attack.

Connecticut Carry adamantly opposes any such prohibition or idea, as the only thing that definitively protects a victim of violence is the armed means of defense that they have close at hand. However, in this case, the legislation sought to do the complete opposite by disarming victims of domestic violence, which is completely unacceptable and reprehensible.

Connecticut Carry would like to extend extra thanks and recognition to Senator Joe Markley, who took a stand against this bill, and even introduced an amendment to try and bring the repeal of the 2013 Gun Ban to a vote. This was a courageous move by Senator Markley and we appreciate his fortitude in attempting to set right what has gone horribly wrong in Connecticut.

We hope that Senator Markley and other colleagues of his will continue and expand upon his gesture.

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