South Jersey Times Editorial Board Sinks to New Low Demagoguing NJ Gun Owners


South Jersey Times Editorial Board Sinks to New Low Demagoguing NJ Gun Owners
South Jersey Times Editorial Board Sinks to New Low Demagoguing NJ Gun Owners
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Regarding the South Jersey Times Editorial Boards Op Ed on Tuesday June 9th 2015.

The level of hypocrisy expressed by the South Jersey Times Editorial Board regarding Carol Bowne’s murder is rivaled only by Senator Sweeney’s himself. Although its a neck and neck race for the title of Most Hypocritical.

The Editorial Board castigates the NJ Second Amendment Society for exploiting the murder of a defenseless Carol Bowne, in order to draw much-needed attention to NJ’s antiquated gun laws and permitting system.

Yet I do not recall the same Editorial Board clucking with disapproval in Senate President Sweeney’s direction last year when he seized on the opportunity to parade imported family members of Sandy Hook victims, in front of the camera’s to argue in favor of further restricting NJ’s already incredibly strict gun laws. Apparently, as far as the South Jersey Times Editorial Board is concerned, this is another case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

And using the example of a victim or group of victims to advocate for a particular policy is only approved of for the causes they agree with.

But was staggering hypocrisy and blatant double standards enough for the Editorial Board? Oh no. In true Anti Gun Ideology form, they sank even lower and missed the much greater point on their headlong race to the bottom.

The Editorial Board first insinuated that there’s no certainty that Carol Bowne’s Firearms ID Card would have been approved, subtly suggesting that a woman who by all accounts was straight as an arrow and would have passed the background check with flying colors. Insinuating that she may have had something in her background that would have resulted in a denial. That’s bordering on slanderous.

Not even the Berlin Twp Chief of Police, in his scramble to cover up his agencies apparent incompetence in being aware of a State Law that requires a Firearms ID Card approval or denial within 30 days of being applied for, has suggested that Carol Bowne’s character or eligibility for a firearm was a question unresolved. But wait, the Editorial Board double down again, suggesting a slew of “what ifs” and “might haves” had Carol Bowne been armed, calling it conjecture. Yet their very “could have happened” alternate scenarios are pure conjecture themselves.

And throughout the entire Op-Ed, the South Jersey Times Editorial Board completely missed or deliberately ignored the elephant in the room.

That the State of NJ arbitrarily denied Carol Bowne her right to make the choice of how best to protect her life. Make no mistake, Carol Bowne was a human sacrifice on the altar of extreme Anti Gun Ideology and every person, group and yes, a politician that supports such laws have her blood on their hands, including Steve Sweeney.

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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Its a shame this woman couldn’t had borrowed a firearm from family/friend until the tyrannical powers to be made their decision on her application. They should had expedited her application 4473. I know moving to another state is a real pain,and expensive. But why the hell do people want to live in sh*tholes like that ?


If she had ‘borrowed” a firearm and it was discovered both she and the person who lent the weapon would face charges for the illegal possession. Technically in New Jersey if someone broke into my house and my wife used my pistol to shoot the intruder, justified or not, both of us could face charges for her possession of my gun. That’s how screwed up the laws are here. As to why people live her? For me it’s the family I have here that I couldn’t bare to move away from. I’ll stay and continue to fight the fight to… Read more »


No one lamented when Lou Greenwald, Loretta Weinberg or Steve Sweeney (shedding crocodile tears) when they paraded the families of the Newtown school shooting or Gabby Giffords through the State House multiple times over the last few years preaching a call for “stricter laws” to end “gun violence.”