Trump – The Anti-Politician

Donald Trump
Trump – The Anti-Politician
Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan

USA – -( At the declaration by Donald Trump that he is a candidate for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, media elites of left and right reacted with amusement, anger and disgust.

Though he has been a hugely successful builder-businessman, far more successful than, say, Carly Fiorina, who has been received respectfully, our resident elites resolutely refuse to take Trump seriously.

They should. Not because he will be nominated, but because the Trump constituency will represent a vote of no confidence in the Beltway ruling class of politicians and press.

Votes for Trump will be votes to repudiate that class, whole and entire, and dump it onto the ash heap of history.

Votes for Trump will be votes to reject a regime run by Bushes and Clintons that plunged us into unnecessary wars, cannot secure our borders, and negotiates trade deals that produced the largest trade deficits known to man and gutted a manufacturing base that was once “the great arsenal of democracy” and envy of mankind.

A vote for Trump is a vote to say that both parties have failed America and none of the current crop of candidates offers real hope of a better future.

The first book in Arthur Schlesinger's trilogy about FDR's ascent to power was “The Crisis of the Old Order. ” That title is relevant to our time. For there is today a crisis of the regime in America — a crisis of confidence, a crisis of competence, a crisis of legitimacy.

People are agitating for the overthrow of the old order and a new deal for America. For there is a palpable sense that the game is rigged against Middle America and for the benefit of insiders who grow rich and fat not by making things or building things, but by manipulating money.

Americans differentiate the wealth of a Henry Ford and a Bill Gates from that of the undeserving rich whose hedge fund fortunes can exceed the GDP of nations.

Trump says America is becoming a “dumping ground” for mass immigration from the failed states of the Third World, that Mexico is not “sending us her best and finest,” that China is stealing American jobs, that invading Iraq was a blunder.

Politically incorrect and socially insensitive certainly, but is he entirely wrong?

Was not the Iraq war a disaster for which our foreign policy priesthood and journalist-acolytes never paid the price that would be exacted in other societies were thousands of soldiers to die and tens of thousands to be wounded and maimed in so predictable a blunder?

Is it not true that among the millions of illegal immigrants who have broken into our country the great majority has illegitimacy rates, delinquency rates, dropout rates, drug use rates, crime rates, and incarceration rates far higher than those of native-born Americans?

Is Trump wrong on this, or simply wrong to bring it up?

Has not mass immigration brought to America old diseases we once stamped out and new diseases we had never heard of?

Do Americans not have the right to decide who shall come to our country, how many, and whence they shall come?

Is there no correlation between a decrepit Maoist China rising to become the greatest manufacturing power Asia has ever seen — and the $3 trillion to $4 trillion in trade deficits we have run with Beijing — and the disappearance of a third of all American manufacturing jobs?

Who negotiated those deals? Who paid a price for the misery they brought to Rust Belt America?

There are precedents in U.S. history for outsiders — Norman Thomas and Henry Wallace on the left, George Wallace and Ross Perot on the right — to enter the presidential lists. And across the pond a similar crisis of the old order is calling forth new people and new parties.

As in America, dominant parties like the Tories and Labour in Britain are losing loyalists to the “a-plague-on-both-your-houses” dissident parties.

Millions in Europe now want out of the EU. Old nations are coming apart. Leftist parties like Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain have arisen to defy Brussels and Berlin.

The Scottish National Party is of the left while the Independence Party in the U.K. is of the populist right. In Southeastern Europe, there have arisen parties of the extreme right.

This endless proliferation of parties, like the welcome being given to Trump, testifies to the new reality: Everywhere, including here, old parties are losing the people in whose name they presume to speak.

And the specter of Republicans, who just won an historic victory by promising to do battle against President Obama, colluding with Obama to surrender Congress' right to amend trade treaties and sign on to a Trans-Pacific Partnership pact that looks like another transfer of jobs and factories to Asia, has re-enforced these sentiments.

If Trump wants to stake his claim as a different kind of Republican, he will go to Washington and pound the Boehner-McConnell Congress until it gives up on Obamatrade and fast track.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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    1. Trump? well, ok. lets see how long it takes for someone to “get the dirt” on him and see if he fits the politician format. We would be better off with someone without a political background There are plenty of good business people out there that would be good to get the “new ball rolling”, but our entire government needs a major renovation, and that may take years to do. So, do we all get together and throw the bums out, that would be all the senators and congressmen (and women), Cabinet members and any other rift-raft lurking behind the briefcases of the aforementioned? If so, count me in. It is time for THE PEOPLE TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK! And get the government back to working for the people!

    2. I am voting for Trump for every reason Pat mentioned.

      If you are happy getting stabbed in the back and watching your friends and neighbors loose their jobs then you go vote for the empty suit of your choice. I have had it.

      Voters gave congress to the democrats, we got obamacare, so we took it from them and gave it to the republicans and no sooner they were sworn in they stabbed ALL of us in the back, did not follow through with a single campaign promise and now we are going to have a free trade deal with 9 Asian countries.

      If YOU vote for ANY of those empty suits then YOU are responsible for this country’s problems.

      It’s time for a protest vote, it’s time to elect someone with some balls. I say we give Trump a chance. He sure can’t be worse than what we have now.

      1. Trump supports an assault guns an ban and waiting periods..oh and mandatory background checks. No gun owner should support this man. He is no better than Hillary.

    3. So Trump supports assault gun bans and waiting period so and mandatory background checks…same as Hillary.

    4. It seems that the GOP is in a self-destruct mode. They fall far short of my expectations! At this point, I do not like either party as they seem to represent the party, not the people. Trump has some good points and is stating aloud that which many others are afraid to say because of the perception of political correctness. I ask you, was it correct for Hillary to have her private server? Or Learner not turning over e-mails, or Obama and his use of Executive order to get around the legal process? The US is in a big mess!

    5. From Trumps’ book.

      I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.
      Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.102 , Jul 2, 2000

      1. assault weapons have been banned since 1932 I believe. an assault weapon by definition has a select fire switch for suppressive fire when assaulting an enemy position. No guns sold in the United States to the civilian market has a select fire switch. The AR-15 is simply an automatic weapon no different in function that a commercially sold Browning Automatic rifle used for hunting in 308-30/06 cal for deer, moose hunting. The Browning hunting rifle by the way is far more powerful than the AR-15 which is a 5.56 caliber=22. If you realty want to get technical an assault weapon is not designed to kill. It is designed to disable your enemy. If U disable your enemy U have effectively taken three trigger fingers away from the battle. The man U wounded, and 2 stretcher bearers to transport the wounded to an aid station. Then there is the logistics of taking care of that wound enemy. There is the problem of food, fuel, medicine, medical care and skilled surgeons that contribute nothing to the battle.This puts a strain on the enemies resources not to mention followup medical care for the rest of that mans life. If U kill your enemy in battle he is dead and no longer a problem.

    6. Trump is an idiot that will only hurt the GOP. Maybe someone will get him to re-evaluate his position on this nonsense. I personally think a Cruz/Paul ticket would be unbeatable. I wish Trey Gowdy would run but it won’t happen.

      1. Well he’s a rich idiot, so how dumb is that? I have a problem with his position on “Assault Weapons” but then again I have a problem with Ted’s vote for TPP. Last week I would have agreed with a Cruz/Paul ticket.

    7. George Will pointed out about half a dozen contradictions with Trump, in his own diatribe, in about 5 minutes. Does he appeal to some, sure but strict scrutiny should rule him out pretty quickly.

    8. The writer was right about one thing. The Democrats and Republicans have both failed the people. If he can close the border and stop China from taking over our country and our wallets I will vote for him. One thing for sure, he can’t do any worse than the bozo that’s in there now.
      The one thing that bothers me is, these idiots that say most of the people that come across the border are good law abiding people. Well guess what? They violated the law the second they put foot on our soil.

    9. Perot…I mean Trump…gave it a half-hearted wimpy run last time. He is only there to divide the vote. He sounded good last time as well, but he didn’t follow through. Not falling for that again.

      1. Trump announced his candidacy for President on June 16, 2016. Maybe my decades old brain has lost a few cells, but I certainly don’t remember that happening during any previous general election. Please refresh my memory – when is that “last time” you’re referring to where he didn’t follow through after declaring as a candidate? Unless you can name a date, it sounds like you’re instead falling for the politicians and media elites who absolutely would love to see Trump go down in flames as a way to bolster their worldviews.

        No, I’m not suggesting Trump will be the party nominee. However, if he is, it will be over a lot of establishment corpses. At the very least, he will turn the debates from total yawners into must see TV and force the other candidates to address issues they’d much rather the electorate ignored.

      2. And just how will Donald Trump divide the vote? Which vote? Ross Perot ran as an independent, which reportedly divided the Republican vote in the General Election, handing the win to the Democrats. Donald Trump is running as a Republican in the Republican Party Primary Election. If successful, he will then run against the Democrat in the General Election. The two situations are completely unrelated. The Perot argument doesn’t hold water.

        Learn how your elections work before making such statements.

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