Uber Driver Robbed At Gunpoint Two Weeks After Company Disarmed Drivers

By AWR Hawkins

Uber Driver Robbed At Gunpoint Two Weeks After Company Disarmed Drivers
Uber Driver Robbed At Gunpoint Two Weeks After Company Disarmed Drivers
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- On Wednesday, an Uber driver in Queens was robbed by a man who allegedly got in his car, pointed a rifle at him, and demanded his money.

This incident took place just two weeks after Uber formally changed its gun policy by banning drivers from possessing firearms for self-defense. It comes less than a week since Uber made that change public.

According to the New York Daily News, the Uber driver stopped for up a 22-year-old man “on 67th Ave. and Burns St. in Rego Park just after midnight.” The two negotiated a price then the man got in the car, only to allegedly point a rifle at the driver and demand all his money.

The driver handed over $60 and the 22-year-old suspect jumped out of the car and fled.

The driver was not injured in the incident and Uber says they are investigating.

Ironically, when Uber announced the ban on guns for self-defense they said the impetus was “to make sure riders and drivers feel comfortable.” Perhaps they meant riders who intend to hold up drivers?

Things were different just two months ago. For example, the Chicago Tribune reported that on April 20 an armed Uber driver was able to use his concealed carry handgun to stop an attempted mass shooting. That same driver would now have to flee for cover and scream for help like everyone else, thanks to the new prohibition against guns for self-defense.

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Well this story stinks. First the rifle in New York City I don’t buy that at all. Next I drove for Uber and there’s no negotiations on price it’s a cashless transaction. Next, Uber drivers are contracted by Uber and drivers give 20% back to Uber so I would keep my gun. I carried everyday day I drove no job is worth the cost of my life.


Hmm….If I understand the Uber Driver concept correctly, one applies to “the company” as a sub-contractor, using one’s own personal vehicle for which one pays all of the costs associated with such vehicle, in exchange for Uber providing the sub-contractor with “clients”. So…if I am subbing for them, using MY personal vehicle, at MY expense (less whatever fares I receive from clients), and I am picking up people I dont even know from unfamiliar places at all hours of the day and night at MY risk, Uber can tell me that I am not allowed to protect MYself and MY… Read more »


Who the hell is stupid enough to let quy carrying a rifle into his car? Where was he hiding it, in his pants? He should have been robbed for shear stupidity! And $ 20, that isn’t even worth the cost of the bullets, and the legal proceedings afterwards to shoot anybody; easier to give him the cash.


Rhetorical Response: #1. How would the Uber controllers know whether or not a driver has a concealed pistol in the vehicle? In vehicle weapons detector? Uber refusing to employ anyone holding a CC permit? Not to dredge up bad history here, but the association of German and gun control/disarmament have historical connotations. How would NOT having a good means of self defense make any driver “more comfortable”? How would a passenger know a driver had a CCW? It’s CC right? #2. What? Are they going to “fire” your self employed self for actually defending yourself or others as the aforementioned… Read more »


Disarm the innocent, and it gives the criminal free reign to do whatever he pleases.

Criminals threaten your life and infringe your liberty in order to take your property. If their lives are threatened in order to preserve liberty and property, they may just think twice.

Bob Shell

What would you expect when some idiots announce public ally that uber is now a safe target to rob. I hope that no driver gets hurt as a result of this stupidity. Have you ever noticed that some jackass can sit in the safety of his office and dictate an insane policy as he is not risk just the drivers. Have you ever seen how that works? The same with pizza drivers & others who drive for a living. Of course the policy came from San Francisco. Does that tell you anything? .


And the guy behind the desk making the rules is also setting in an office with armed security, gets driven home by an armed driver. Just another safe zone constructed so the criminals know they will face no or very little obstruction in the commission of their crimes. Your comment was spot on!


It’s like Hillary being for gun control, as she has armed guards, and is disenfranchised from reality. So of course it is easy for her, and others, to think that gun control makes us all safe. And as always, the criminals remain armed.