Watch Ridge Road Outdoors Network’s Direct2U Video & WIN

Win a $500 Visa Gift Card or CanCooker Jr. Package when you watch this weeks Direct2U video.

Watch Ridge Road Outdoors Network's Direct2U Video & WIN
Watch Ridge Road Outdoors Network's Direct2U Video & WIN

Ridge Road Outdoors Network

Rushford, Minn. -( Win a $500 Visa Gift Card or a CanCooker Jr. Package.

Sign up for the chance to win a cool prize, and receive action packed videos sent Direct 2 U!

All registered viewers are automatically entered to win a prize, which will change with every episode.

Have something you've wanted to purchase but felt guilty about spending the money on? Well now you can purchase it, guilt-free. Spend it all in one place, go on a shopping spree, or buy little trinkets over time. The choices are limitless with the $500 Visa Gift Card!

The CanCooker Jr Package comes with a CanCooker Jr and Multi-Fuel Portable Cooktop. The CanCooker has a high-temperature silicone gasket that helps trap the steam that is released when the water is heated to the boiling point, cooking your food thoroughly and efficiently. Cooking with the steam will keep your meals tender and keep food from sticking to the sides of your cooker. The Portable Cooktop provides ultra-quiet operation in a compact design. It's perfect for any outdoors use including camping, hunting, fishing, and tailgating — and makes a great compliment to your backyard grill.

Watch the video right here:

About Ridge Road Outdoors:

Passionate about the outdoors, RRO provides the ultimate outdoor online network of products, interactivity, information, and entertainment; giving outdoor Television Shows, Retailers, Manufacturers, Associations, Outfitters, Guides ,Taxidermists, and Entertainers the opportunity to generate additional revenue by joining the RRO Super Online Network.

RRO is the place for everything outdoors. With wholesale, fulfillment, distribution, print-on-demand manufacturing services, flash designer software and more, RRO is revolutionizing the way the outdoor industry operates online.

From apparel, home and office products, to outdoor equipment and more, RRO is creating the super online network for the outdoor industry. RRO makes online shopping more accessible, efficient, and cost effective for avid outdoorsmen and women, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Ridge Road Outdoors is currently working with over 100 TV shows by providing E-Commerce solutions and logo wear for them. Ridge Road also is working with several national conservation groups, manufacturers, and outfitters to provide networking opportunities within the outdoors niche. Currently the network has a reach of over 3 million on social media.

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